Jul 20, 2009

This plant was destroied by small fly larvae installed in the crown heart

This is a collected Dyckia hebdingii.
The plant is one of the most beautiful of all Dyckias species.
This plant was loose on the rocks. Most probably removed by some cattle hooves as
the cows used to visit this population to savor the young and tender flower spikes.
Once in my garden the plant revealed a loose center of the crown.
The reason was some 10 to 20 small fly larvae.
Most certain a Drosophylla melogaster attack.
The loose leaves were removed as well as the larvae and the plant received
a systemic insecticide. Two years later the plant show not one but eight new heads.
Myiasis (attack of dipterous small insects larvae) may occur in Dyckias.
These larvae may appear in living animals and humans. Some feed on living tissues and some on death decaying tissues of exposed wounds. Decidedly not a pleasant sight to see.
The very interesting fact is: it may occur in Dyckias too.

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