Oct 31, 2013

Brevifolia Yellow glow

These two forms present golden yellow genes and they will mix sand produce
 a better looking yellow crown.

Brevifolia subidensis

Dyckia reitzii rubra


Seed pods are almost ready...
All here is pollinated  by this giant belly swollen  biped bumblebee.


The other plant with two young flower stalks is the very same  variety and this plant got narrower leaves cause it  divided its crown, almost a crestation. This induced to juvenile leave form.



Oct 30, 2013

BrittleStar self F1

Bleeding Heart and  fosteriana-fosteriana Snow White


A singular match!
I just crossed these two beauties here.
Seed pods are almost ready to be harvested.
Some crosses are unique not only the plants must coexist but bloom altogether.
I am sure no one did this before.
Who has an adult  deep rubra Reitzii Canyon Fortaleza and a Brittle Star blooming at the very same time? 
The probability is almost zero, no doubt.
I am very anxious as I am expecting for real beauties here.


Oct 29, 2013

A dreamy one Dyckia from Santa Catarina Northeast uphills

Dream of the new, the colorful, the different, the beauty....
Dream of this.....

Dyckia delicata, all of them....

...all wilderness collected.



Yes, species! collected plant.
Long  colorful narrow leaves  with pure white underside.
Bicolored ribbons with golden spines.


Oct 28, 2013

This is a Dyckia species.
Native to Santa Catarina Northeastern Uphills it is a Dyckia gloriosa related species.

From Germany, a gift to be proud of.
Now I won´t miss myself, I won´t get lost and no Dyckia will  stay unfound.
 Danke mein Freund. Mein Herz ist froh, und ich halte Sie hier.
Haben Sie
ein Haus in Brasilien.  

Tausend Dank.

The Black and White

Brittle Star f1 and Dyckia fosteriana-fosteriana White Star


Dyckia Son of Tarzan


Zebra, a Bill Baker hybrid.

This plant bears a rather impressive foliage.
Leaves are short and wide.


Dyckia gloriosa


Oct 27, 2013

Dyckia Girl from Ipanema and friends

Dyckia girl from Ipanema (Dyckia gloriosa X Dyckia sp from Campo Alegre-SC)