Jan 30, 2018

Dyckia secundifolia, a species from the State of Mato Grosso

 Dyckia secundifolia
All the leaf points point to the very same one direction.
These are adult plants.

 This here is not a behavior but a well stablished characteristic on this species.
We believe this is to protect the tender growing point from the schorching Sun exposition.

OHHHHH...a Tiny Dyckia sp from the State of Minas Gerais

Yes, Dyckia!
They are adult plants!
When one say to know all on Dyckias I laugh a lot.
We all know a tiny bit!
We barely begin to know them!!!!!
This one resembles a Deuterocohnia but it is Dyckia and bears yellow flowers.
Lives min the State of Minas Gerais

As one can notice here they have a tendency to a slightly secundifolia habit.
These are not Dyckia secundifolia, secundifolia lives a thousand km west from them in the State of Mato Grosso.

Two encholirium species, both not yet known to Science but worth seeing them

Encholiriuns are all Brazilian plants. 
They do not occur wherelse on Earth and most of them are not yet described.
Most bear terminal flower sticks, their flowers announce their passing away meanwhile they are gorgeous xeric plants.
We are just beginning to know them. Some are tiny plants and some can be humongous.
Most live in just one very restrict area and occur in a long extension of territory.
They seem to be older plants then Dyckias.
Some are so beautiful we Dyckia lovers do not resist keeping them.
Bigeneric crossings are a temptation.

Dyckia paraensis, maybe the most beautiful one species

These pictures were taken early in the morning and the dew covers the plant. This is a happy plant. It is not suffering at all. It likes humidity for it comes from our Amazonian area in the State of Pará.
Note all the weirdness of its leaves, they twist and twist and make funnels and tunnels.
Nothing compares to it.

Orthophytum vagans, a rarity amid the rare.

Jan 19, 2018

Jan 18, 2018

Dyckia secundifolia the species is avery samall plant

Here all the leaf points are  set to the very same unic point.
This is in fact a behavior and it can be found in another Dyckia species as Dyckia hebdingii but it is extremely rare.

Dyckia fosteria a Sengés form

Dyckia fosteriana Sengés presents many many looks. 
This is one of the most good looking ones.
Dyckia fosteriana sengés may be absolutely  white or totally black, may present a saw like edge or huge strong  thorns fact is all and each is a nature masterpiece.

Jan 12, 2018

Two wonderful new hybrids, living together.

Dyckia delicata rubra X Dyckia hb Brittle Star

These are young plants and there is much to be shown and expected.

Jan 5, 2018

Dyckia paraensisis oine of the most spectacular Dyckias of all.....

This plant you see is happy and super well fed and watered. 
Its leaves are unique, They taper and twist and they are multicolored.
|It looks like a Picasso painting.
Nothing compares to this.
 Yes, it is Amazonian!