Sep 27, 2012

Dyckia domfelicianensis

This beauty grows close the the small town of  Dom Felicano in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.
It is clearly a hebdingii related plant and a most beautiful one.


Dyckia argentea?

Dyckia argentea?
Due to problems in its description Dyckia argentea is an invalid name.
But this here is the closest argentea possible to what should be the real thing.


Sep 26, 2012

Dyckia delicata unbeatable beauty...


Dyckia Hb Liz Taylor
Isn´t it beautiful?


Dyckia reitzii x Dyckia ibiramensis

The apical spine here denounces the reitzii heritage in this hybrid.


Dyckia choristaminea

Dyckia choristaminea is a small plant  and it is native to the surroundings of the megalopolis  of the South Porto Alegre. It has many regional varieties and the smallest is native to Morro do Carvão.


This small beauty comes from Morro do Carvão in Rio Grande do Sul.
This is one of the smallest Dyckia species.


My new camera.
I am proud of this as it was bought with my Dyckia seeds and will help me to show you my plants.
Now I must have a macro lens to more properly show you details in Dyckia flowers, seeds....
I am taking photography classes and this is also an achievement to me.
Learning  keep me young


Dyckia hb Tarzan by Bill Baker

Dyckia hb Tarzan

This is  a Bill Baker  masterpiece. 
The plant is produced many basal sprouts so it is fairly common seen.
Dyckia hb Tarzana, referring to a Californian town, is the very same plant!
So Dyckia Tarzan and Tarzana are in fact the very same plant!


Today, September 26th is snowing in Santa Catarina!!! Yes, already spring and the snow can be seen here in Santa Catarina today. Uphills where Dyckia reitzii grows the temperature now is -6,8 Centigrade!
Joinville, where I am now, the morning is sunny and the temperature is 8 degrees Centigrade. 
Last week we had almost 30 degrees Centigrade here. 
This is South in Brazil and this is Spring time and this is Dyckia land.

 Also this is the very first picture taken with my new  Nikon camera.
I am not any photographer and it took me time and some dreaming to acquire this devise.
I am taking photography classes too.  This is think of you and my way to say thank you for following my thoughts here all in my broken English.

I am anxious about my new trip to the extreme South of Brazil. 
I shall be leaving Friday, early in the morning.



Sep 25, 2012

Dyckia sp from Lagoão-RS

This Dyckia species is what can be told as the kaleidoscopic one due to the huge range of colors. We can find practically any color among its members. Yellow, red, orange, all shades of green ..with more or less scales. They all seem to be  close related to the delicata group.
I never saw a basal sprout among these plants and this here is head dividing into three new ones.


Sep 23, 2012

Dyckia fosterina cv fosteriana-fosteriana Star of Brazil



Dyckia fosteriana no matter cultivar or collected species they hardly produce basal sprouts.
We have to rely on old head divisions to  produce new plants.
I let the plant stay without water for a time, remove it from the pot, clean it and then if I want I separate the heads. A nice measure is to seal the scar to avoid any  lose by fungi attacks. There are good  commercial disinfectant and sealers to do this properly. I usually let the scar dry without planting the head and during this time I use a mist maker to keep the plant from dehydrating too much.
Thisz plant here I did not separate any head as I wand an old many heads plant.

Dyckia fosteriana-fosteriana


One new fresh breeze on Dyckias.....



Yes! Dyckia and unknown.
Big and yellowish this southern species is mostly unknown.
It never bloomed here in my garden and I am still to see its flowers.
In nature most of the individuals are darker and greener but some are deep yellow and these yellow individuals are not  suffering form to much sun exposition nor  lack of food and also they are so year around. Some Dyckia species present this xantochromic individuals and I have seen this in nature among  Dyckia brevifolia, distachia and this one unnamed species. They are no doubt impressive plants. I also notice this plants are easier sun burned than the dark ones.



Sep 22, 2012

 Dyckia goehringii X Dyckia pectinata


Dyckia encholirioides rubra

Dyckia encholirioides rubra
This beauty was never even mentioned anywhere else let aside seen....

Dyckia ibiramensis rubra


It´s Spring at last....

Here , it is here at last: Spring!
I can´t imagine a better way to celebrate this day.
Antonio Vivaldi, the magician of the violins......

It is time to renew, to hope, to be better, to dream...It is Spring!!

Dyckia ibiramensis

Dyckia ibiramensis
The rubra form is maybe the rarest of all Dyckias...