Jul 30, 2009

That is what Dyckias and company are for:

Neophytum and Dyckia fosteriana

Do you ever saw or had the disgusting opportunity to visit
those withe leghorn hens in a modern poultry? Those eggs factories?
Each half a dozen miserable creatures inside their tiny cage...
I am sure you won´t eat any egg no more unless your heart is made of stone.
Horrifying to say the least!
Something quite similar happens to me when I see hundreds of Rare and beautiful Dyckias
Confined to those miserable small black plastic pots.
The very same sensation when you visit a poultry... once you have sen one you saw all...
Dyckia are for this...for the pleasure of ones heart and feat for the eyes.
It is not just a matter of keeping but showing.
Healthy happy plants transmit to us their vigor, fill our hearts with beauty.
That is what our plants are fore.
Otherwise why to be named ornamentals?
An ornamental plant must be Gorgeous, happy, healthy by the plenty!

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