Sep 30, 2011

Dyckia hb Brittke Star pics from the day it came to my garden....October - 2009

Dyckia hb Brittle Star
Here we see how it looked after the big jorney all the way from Encino-California-USA
to Joinville - Santa Catarina- Brazil
We do not obtain another Brittle Star by its seeds but just by its infrequent
head divisions or the extrtemely rare side sproutings.
Or course, we shall have it by Cell culturing....
My Dyckia HB Brittle Star as it was in Mars, 31st 2010.
Five months after getting to my garden...
Today it is ripening its first seed pods.

Dyckia fosteriana-fosteriana

Dyckia fosteriana-fosteriana

A striking beautiful thres heads plant.

Dyckia delicata, a young plant made from wild collected seeds

Dyckia delicata

Delicata are slow growers and take ages to begin to look as they rreally are when adults.
This plant took almost four whole years to be so...

Hybrid Dyckia pectinata

A stunning beautiful and rare Hybrid Dyckia pectinata

Another new hybrid Dyckia I made....

These two plants are very young ones and just beginning to color up.
They are already showing  bright shining reflective leaves with no scales.
All indicates these will be very very deep red colored.

Dyckia brevifolia, two different wilderness collected plants....

Dyckia brevifolia
Looka at these two pictures. Both collected inwilderness.
No, the upper one is no Dyckia brevifolia Golden Glow but it does hava a golden glow all over it.
Compare the flower stems and the bracteas there.
Both collected by the Itajaí-Açu River, Subida in Santa Catarina.
I am quite sure the Golden glow one is a selected form from this pretty one.

another brand new Hybrid Dyckia I made...

It is stil very young and we can not tell its final coloration now.
Many sproutings can be already seen.

Yes it has goheringii blood, indeed.

Dyckia hb AJAO is a goehringii hybrid I myself made and honors our plant club.

Dyckia hb AJAO
Notice the rare color and how this plan bents down its leaves denoting it is a goehring hybrid.... of the most interesting and beautiful  hybrid Dyckias I made....

Very big fangs and a brand new overall coloration.

the shinning beautiful Dyckia hb Bleeding Heart

Bright colorful Dyckias are hard to find but they will appear from now on a bit more frequently...

The spines basis shine blood red and gold under the Spring sun.

..and the point here is the plant is very young with everything still ahead to be seen....


Dyckia sp from Lagoão-RS
No, not yet described but it seems to be a delicata related...

Deep colored fed wine.....long teeth....
This was one of the species I collected seeds in Wilderness and just one small plant
Seeds are always a better and a wise one. You bring many possibilities back home and 
in fact you are a we steps ahead as you do not have to wait that plant to acclimatize and
get into the mood for blooming for you maybe to get true seeds.
Once you have the chance to collect in wilderness, prefer seeds to adult plants.
this way I have so many different colored Lagoão and I would never be able to bring half those plants...
Seeds under any point of view are  a fantastic better choice than wild plants.
You take more, the plants acclimatize promptly AND YOU CAN BE BOLD ENOUGH TO BE SELECTIVE.

....a homemade beauty

Dyckia goehringii (the true one) X Dyckia pectinata

All  goehringii hybrids bent down its leaves!
Funny is that this is not shown in True Dyckia goehringii but its hybrids all
reveal this is hidden somewhere there.

Bleeding Heart...just a bit of the beauty

Imagine this princess some months ahead, after our Summertime.....
I am loving it attracts my soul.
Yes, hybrid and a home made one.

Sep 29, 2011

Dyckia sp from Campo Alegre-SC
another unnamed and undescribed Dyckia species.

Long upright narrow silvery chestnut leaves...

Dyckia sp Belissima

Dyckia hb Belissima is undoubtedly a Dyckia fosteriana hybrid...

...spines as droplets of  blood on a silver tray....

Dyckia sp from lagoão-RS

Dyckia sp from lagoão-RS

This plant really show some Dyckia delicata affinity and well can be a affinis of it.

Real new shade of color. This species presents many many shades of colors,
from plain green and yellow to deep red wine...

Dyckia hb Tarzan by Bill Baker

Dyckia hb Tarzan

Johnny Weismuller one did it better since then
(I could not  prevent my tears from rolling down my face while posting this. Both this calling and this plant were made in the Land of Dreams...California)

Dyckia hb Toothy Wolfgang by Bill Baker at full bloom...

Dyckia hb Toothy Wolfgang is a living jewel

Dreams have names and tags...