Jul 29, 2009

Dyckia brevifolia var. subidensis

Dyckia brevifolia var. subidensis

Subida is A locality close to Ibirama a small charming Town of the Itajaí River Valley.
Subida (climbing) is where the river jumps trought a narrow gorge from The High Valley to the Medium Valley. There we have lots of populations of Dyckia brevifolia. There is a particular one
where half the individuals are lemon colored and are a bit bigger than the normal common plants and also the flowers a of a paler shade of yellow.
This variety is not described yet.
Some descent of a population of Dyckia Ilha da Cotia some kilometers upstream
bear this shade of pale green.

The Rio Itajaí-açu Valley is one of the most beautiful places in Santa Catarina.

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