Jul 24, 2009

This is lateral sprounting

Dyckias are always thinking on reproduction and they do it in several ways:
Dividing the crown, producing seeds, pupping and lateral sprouting.
These are all lateral sprouts or natural cloning.
This motherhood is differently taken by the Dyckia species.
For a Dyckia marnier mother love is letting go, sooner the better.
Some Dyckia mothers are authentically cruel and are always trying to get rid of the offspring.
This is the case of some Dyckia marniers-lapostollei. They first try to suffocate their babies, shadowing them and letting every insect eat them alive. The lightest touch on them and their insensible mother free them or get freed from them. They are always almost loose and the link to keep them together is a most fragile one. You barely touch one sibling and it is by itself.
Other Dyckias take motherhood seriously.
The fan Dyckias are so. You just can not separate mother from their child no matter the old they are. The fan Dyckia mother is all too jealous and concerned about her children. Nothing seem to convince them to get rid of her babies. You must to use a say and separate them surgically.
For a fan Dyckia mother love is holding on and never is too late to keep the babies under control.

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