Jul 27, 2017

Dyckia goehringii super white form and Dyckia goehringii var lemei

Dykia goehringii, super white form and lemei.
People outside Brazil use to think and imagine Dyckias as being a plant with no varieties an just one look per species. This is not true!!!! Varieties are the way a plant, a species faces future. Plants with one single look and genoma are prune to perish for future comes with many challenges as new water conditions, temperatures changes and so on and on. New looks are tickets to paradise, to future and this is evolution!!!!! This is how nature survives eras in time.
Now, Japanese Dyckia lovers are fighting for Goehring variety lemei may not be goehringii. Oh, my God!
I know a dozen of different looking Dyckia hebdingii myself!!! I know of four different Dyckia reitzii and six D. brevifolia. Three D. encholirioides and several monticola and so on and on. One that has never being in nature with Dyckia can hardly know enough to argue with that deepness. Dyckias are always teaching us and presenting new challenges to science.
Believe, two friends of mine just went to a trip in the heart of Brazil. They might have found at least 6 totally different and new Dyckia species!!!!! Brazil is huge and still most of its rock fields and sandy prairies are not well known. Believe, Brazil has not just insects, plants, mammals and monkeys that were never seen by science, WE HAVE HUMAN BEINGS THAT NEVER MADE ANY CONTACT WITH US PALE FACED HUMANS....SO LEAVE ASIDE DYCKIAS AND THEIR FORMS.
One loses time fighting for the unknown and certainly it is not wise. COME, COME TO BRAZIL AND VISIT DYCKIAS IN THEIR HABITAT. You will come into the conclusion you know almost nothing on Dyckias at all and most probably your vast knowledge will be useless. Dyckias are just beginning to be understood. Many of what we have for Dyckia are being setting as a new genera. We are all learners and we shall not learn if we thing we know that much. For now take this" All that we know is that we do not know."

Jul 22, 2017

Sincoraea and Orthophytum in a cold early morning

Orthophytum vagans var. Menescalii

Sincoraea navioides

Jul 7, 2017