Jul 25, 2009

Neophytun a perfect Dyckia companion.

This treasure is not a Dyckia!
This is not a species either.
This is the lucky result of plants from different genus affair:
Neophytun ( Neoregelia and Orthophytum).
A friend here in Joinville brought it from Florida years ago.
He said as soon arrived: come I brought a bloody red new Dyckia for you...
It is not a Dyckia, Ok. But what a Dream plant! Two Brazilian native plants fell in love somewhere in USA and the offspring came to me here in Brazil.
Everybody knows my passion with Dyckias but who could resist to show you this and also tell you the story.
I fell in love the moment I saw the plant.
Who told man made plants are not gorgeous?
Three times Wow!
I do not know who made it but i would be glad and honored to say to this guy:
Great! This is gorgeous!!!
What a nice companion to my Dyckias!
they lend color vibrant color to my garden during these winter grey cold days

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