Jul 28, 2009

Dyckia reitzii

Dyckia reitzii

Image taken from the book Bromeliáceas a
Malária-Bromélia endêmica

This is the one who described many of the Dyckias in Santa Catarina.
Was a Catholic father, Doctor in Biology, Botanist and also a very gentle soul,
a bushman himself , there is no place in SantaCatarina he has not been
looking for bromeliads. Professor and a researcher he was one of the most important
green brains born in SantaCatarina.
Here all people recognized as O Padre das Bromélias The Father of the Bromeliads.
Author of some of the most important books on Southern bromeliads.
He died during a public ceremony in his honor in Itajaí Santa Catarina in
November 20th 1990.

Dyckia reitzii - Raulino Reitz
The most strinking Dyckia of all mountains.
Santa Catarina native to.
This is the one of the most beautiful Dyckias of all.
It is far away from being big the adult has the size of a soccer ball.
The trunk is very thick and it is a colorful plant.
Very silvery, this here is under drizzle.
There are rubra forms of this species.
The blooming is absolutely fantastic.
We will see soon.

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