Jul 18, 2009

Dyckia chorestaninea

Dyckia chorestaminea
(It never looks as a dish full of spaghetii!! Unless living under Penumbra!)

We may say this is a regular long sized leaves Chorestamina species.
Plants that comes from the most Northern part of its wide habitat tend to have
thinner, shorter and more colorful leaves.
This here comes from very close to Porto Alegre the biggest Southern City.
That longer leaved one we see in some American pictures comes from almost downtown Porto Alegre. There they used to live on two hills. They were extinguished to built the bases for some tele communications masts ( antenna).
Those extra long leaved plants the American say Dyckia Spaghetti comes from the shadows of somewhere up in America.
They do look like a dish full with spaghetti but they are suffering from lack of light strong enough to make them look normal. They should be named Dyckia penumbra
or Dyckia from the darkness.
Well cared Dyckia chorestaminia never have swirled leaves and never look as a dish of spaghetti.
They all have stiff straight harsh leaves!

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