Jul 26, 2009

Dyckia brevifolia golden glow

This is , in my opinion, one of the most perfect Dyckias of all.
I do think beauty may not be on native true species.
Beauty may be in any place.
Your brain knows, recognizes, tells you.
This is La crème de la crème of the Dyckia´s World.

Dyckia brevifolia golden glow
One is good, two are better, three is a blessing.
This baby went on travelling and got back colored.
What a beautiful plant! This is man made selection.
Dyckia brevifolia is native to a hundred kilometers from my garden.
It is as when we go ho Hawaii and got all colored ant tan dressing those fancy shirts.
What a trip this has done!
I just adore this plant in any dress. Dyckia brevifolia a perfect Dyckia in all and every sense.
Nice flowering, nice formatting, nice color...a nice plant.
This yellow glow...breathtaking!
Who made it? When? Where?
Thanks! What an artist!
God bless you!

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