Mar 25, 2020

Dyckia brevifolia var subidensis xantic colorful seedlings

 These seem to be super colorful; They are not the famous and beautiful Golden Glow. These descents from Dyckia brevifolia var subidensis collected by me in nature. Xanthic individuals are more commonplace amid this variety and as Golden Glow, the color is not fixed year round. They get solely green during our winter months in Santa Catarina - Brazil when the days are much shorter nd the light is pale. All in all these re marvelous small plants.

Notice how colorful they get.

Bellow, you see an old clump of Dyckia brevifolia var. subdensis.
They are smaller than the brevifolia type.
They are falling from their pot, spilled they hang down their pot.
the type form was collected close to where this exists in nature.
The xanthic comes from these plants.

Dyckia falcata X Dyckia brevifolia. The result is breathtaking

A Dyckia monticola seedling that gets more and more colerful every passing day

This is a seedling and the variegation is full, total.


Dyckia reitzii rubra X Dyckia brevifolia subidensis

Notice the intricate drawings on the leaves. Red spines and green marginated leaves.

Vriegated Dyckia monticola

A beauty your eyes won´t forget.
On the background, you can see a Dyckia hb Dakota.


Xantic Dyckia gastaldiana is a golden fountain

Native to my hometown in Santa Catarina uphills it is used to frosts and a occasional snow.
It lives up on Tres Picos moutain.


Dyckia sp from Chapada dos Veadeiros, up North in Goiás

Some individuals can be luxury colored

They come from the heart of Brazil up North in Goiás

In the background you see Dyckia gastaldiana

Mar 4, 2020

A fine Dycki reitzii rubra hybrid

I like hybrids as they tell more than one can hear.
The mother plant here was a Dyckia reitzii rubra and the father plant was a fosteriana.
Both southern native plants here in Brazil and both are multi leaved plants.
See two distinct marks, the white underleaves, and the leaf tips.  
The leaf tips denote this is a Dyckia reitzii descent. Margins are kind of lifted upwards near the point of the leaves.

This hybrid can stand mild frosts and as both parents, it is multiplied by head divisions only.

A young Dyckia monticola seedling, well variegated

All indicates this marvel will turn to be very colorful.
Variegated Dyckias are all guessing.
We all know too few about them.