Jul 30, 2009

Dyckia Spider Witch a Dyckia chorestaminea and Dyckia Dawsoni American hybrid

No, this is not a Dyckia dawsoni. It is just half Dyckia dawsoni.
The other half is Dyckia chorestamina. Innature this two species would never met.
They are aprt from eachother for more the 3.000 kilometers.

Here we have atypical case where union makes the force.
One single plant is not impressive but a clump with many is a show and no xeric garden is
a vision of the Eden without a clump of it. It blooms in a most abundant extravaganza.
There are reports showing clumps with more than 200 flower stems in South California
in United Sates of America. This cause a hummingbird frenzy. Xeric gardens are too much common in that region and also
stimulated in order not to waste the precious Colorado River waters.
Remember the song that says : it never rains in Southern California.... a hit in early 70´s.

This plant gets much more colored with the summer blue skies.
Here it is listening to the knocks of Lady Spring on my gardens door.

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