Jul 25, 2009

Dyckia delicata seedlings

Plastic boxes for Dyckia seedlings must have room for the "atmosphere" in there. Also the substrate layer may not be a thin one and must be thick enough to hold nutrients to lots of young voracious seedlings

These Dyckia delicata seedlings were all seeds in Mars, 9th.
The seeds begun to germinate 10 days later so these seedlings
will be three months old in August, 9th.

Dyckia delicata is a very beautiful and rare species and also this species present some differentiations amongst its members,like whole silver ones, whole red silver coated ones, Olive silvery coated ones.
Lots of seedling will take lots of chance of something really special as a plant redder than usual or silver than usual to be present. In nature one seedling succeeding is an happening. There are many seasons with no new seedling. This is bettering through selection. All and each seedling here is true Dyckia delicata species and a chance to see something new and never seen before.

This "atmosphere" provides all the right humidity to the seedlings
The box go out when the sun is clear and the temperature is above 15 degrees Centigrade.
Below this mark all Dyckia seedling stops its cell division and thus stops the growing.
Temperatures within 20 to 28 degrees Centigrade is ideal for a Dyckia seedling development.
Dyckia delicata has some problems with fertility. Many seeds were needed to produce so many seedlings.

Tonight we will stand temperatures touching freezing point.
Uphill we had last night -7 Centigrade with feel like -22 Centigrade.
This is Brazil! Dyckia reitzii lives where these polar temperatures occurred.

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