Jul 22, 2009

Dyckias are superb plants....

Dyckias are superb plants...

They do not melt nor disrupt or collapse after blooming. They get even more beautiful after have bloomed. /they are not annuals . Dyckias simply grow on and on. They divide heads and crate a multiheaded plant as one was not enough. They may clump forming a giant ball of many plants and hundreds of flower sticks.
A Dyckia encholirioides wit a trunk like this you see here may be a thirty to fifty years old plant.
When they grow older they tend to fall creating a reptiling trunk. We have found individuals wit an age far superior than 500 years. They where here long before Columbus, the very same plant. Dyckias seem to agree that the older the better.
They show a dress to every occasion, they get reddish when in dry times, silvery stimulated by the sun, almost black, fierce red, blueish, silvery. they lift their leaves to protect their brain from the fierce scorching sun. They collect material for their own substrate. They may distillate water for their use. They are capable of many, many tricks. They are old, old, old plants...and they are continuing to exist. Some populations are just exhausted and seem to have found their destiny.
Many species are totally new to science and just now they are gaining some respect, interest and some enthusiasm.
They are also fast and ready lovers and hybrids may be easily done. Bettering and hybridizing are ate the beginners level and even one with almost no practice in Dyckia keeping may achieve good results. We know almost nothing about them ant this is amazing ant turn then even more attractive.
Dyckias are great plants, no doubt.

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