Jul 26, 2009

Dyckias from The Gaucho Dyckia Triangle Complex

A Dyckia Complex is a region where two or more Dyckia species and its natural hybrids live in nature. Dyckia Complexes are too much to rare in just three is known in Brazil.
This one The Gaucho Dyckia Complexs in Rio Grande do Sul is in the area between three points: Arroio dos Ratos, Barão do Triunfo and Dom Feliciano. All three small towns of no more than 10.000 inhabitants.

Within this Gaucho Dyckia Triangle Complex lives some already know species as Dyckia remotiflora, Dyckia chorestaminea, Dyckia elisabethea, Dyckia domfelianensis, Dyckia julianae,
Dyckia hebdingii and ...

This area is a coal mining region and also extensive plantations of Acacia nigra and eucalyptus are all around. Some of these Dyckia species live within fertilizing contact and some of the named species may well be natural hybrids. This pictures may show this to be clearly evident.
You are capable of noticing the same looks in more than one specie plant.

Dyckia are all easy goers and just can´t resist sex with strangers and the strangest the better.
This is so in cultivation and also in nature. They are always in the mood, headache simply does not exist. This is one of the reasons for Dyckias have many faces and as many masks. They surprise any one and some, normally taxonomists, get fooled easily.
We must cultivate and observe for years in a roll the plants in nature and in cultivation to avoid the demeaning situations.
Dyckias demand taxonomists to be expert gardeners and smart field observers.
This is not a matter of simply dismantling some plants and comparing pieces and parts of it to a roll of keys as in most of the other plants.
Hurry and trusting on bushmen are the Taxonomist most common nightmare.
Science is not catwalk of illusions.

Botanics will change as everything must to adapt to the a modern reality and also update itself.
It must trust on Science itself. DNA exams are common sense, we travel by jet plane since decades....there is no more sail boats..we should act accordingly.
In some cases it seems clearly some taxonomists are in a hurry to get to name some determined plant honoring her or his children, spouses, friends and so on and on than to be precise and and faithful to a trustworthy work.
Nothing is forever nor even diamonds and sooner or later the truth always comes.
This is natural and naturalists should expect this.
We Will all come to know soon or later much later when we already have returned to dust.
We are dust and to dust will come!
These words of wisdom are always said during a Lutheran burial ceremonial.
Most of the taxonomist have this Faith.
We are dust and to dust we shall get bach.
Dust to Dust!
This makes me always, always think it over...and over...
We are dust...you and me and everyone...we are dust.
Dust to dust, ashes to ashes...

Before u ask, this lizard is Plasticous sinensis or Chinese plastic.
When we realize we are less than nothing we initiate our existence, we
begin to be something at last.

Beauty lies within one´s heart.
When we see the beauty we are happy and when we understand it
we are not here anymore.
Happy are those who sense every creature´s beauty.
Ugliness lies within the ignorance, the misery, the hungry, the sickness.
Those are the shadows that must be vanished by the Light of The Science.
We all need that. We all count on that.
We all expect for...

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