Nov 5, 2020

A full and gorgeous variegation. Dyckia monticola

Variegation is a very rare event amid Dyckias and a full colorful one is the rare amid rare.

This plant is a seedling!

Now it is spliting its head. A nice hope for a clone.


Oct 1, 2020

Dyckia choristaminea


Sep 27, 2020

Dyckia encholirioides hybrid and the one from Minas Gerais



The plant from Minas Gerais above.

The plants are virtually impossible to tell apart by its foliage only.

Below the echolirioides typical brown dusted flowers.

Sep 19, 2020

Dyckia gastaldiana


Sep 12, 2020

At the first sight one would tell they are the same. They are not!


Above, a Dyckia encholirioides hybrid I made using another southern native Dyckia.It is about blooming by the very first time.

Below, a Dyckia sp from minas Gerais. Compare foliage. They seem to be the very same but... compare the flower stalk.

A day after:



Dyckia paraensis the most extravagant and weird Dyckia, now blooming


Dyckia monticola variegated in full, a sight to behold

Full complete colorful variagations are extremely rare and just a very very few

are known amid Dyckias.


Sep 11, 2020

A new Dyckia from Minas Gerais, a green one

Brazil is a vast country and  we do not have deserts nor ice covered fields.
Every square foot is green year around. Nature  found a place to be diverse
in Brazil and we are finding new plants, insects, fishes, birds ... in a daily basis.


Aug 22, 2020

Dyckia gastaldiana xhantic

The flowers tell it is Dyckia reitzii and Dyckia fosteriana related.