Jul 29, 2015

White Dyckia macedoi

Dyckia macedoi
A super white clone.


Jul 28, 2015

A toast to my friends in Japan

A green Dyckia potiorum on a Japanese bonsai tray.
Pot a potiorum on a tray.




A pot full od potiorum, an aureum pot of Dyckia potiorum.

..and seeds are available.


Jul 27, 2015

New found new dyckia species from Ibirama-Santa Catarina Brazil

 Extremely rare and ultra endangered. It as found only on a steep slope close by a high traffic highway the Br-470. Less than a dozen individuals were there and most were destroyed by the road maintenance workers.
They removed loose roks in order to prevent them from falling on the lane and also removed the plants. What was rare turned to be super ultra rare as no other population was found .
Dyckia breevifolia grows some 5 hundred meters bellow on the river banks and also Dyckia ibiramensis is found some 11kilometers away.

Leaves are like long ribons and the flower stalks present red bracteas.

Today in midwinter the weather was balmy and spring like.
Here I am, at last.



Dyckia hebdingii Nenê blue

Dyckia hebdingii Nenê Blue

Something to gasp in sheer admiration... it was found on Senhor Nenê lands.
A true nothing to compare.

Seeds are available under specieal request


Dyckia potiorum, a surrealistic view

Dyckia potiorum an inflorescence

It looks like those sea crabs that disguise its enemies by attaching  algae and coral parts on itself.
Dyckia potiorum is an amazing one and presents no equal.
A must have to be added to any collection.
A true sight to behold.



Jul 26, 2015

Dyckia discoides

A small showy beauty from South middle west  region in Santa Catarina Brazil,
 discoides is yet to be described. Notice its fiercy strong rose thorns.

Dyckia nana a super beautiful dawarf Dyckia


Dyckia fosteriana lapeana a small beauty from Lapa-PR

Dyckia fosteriana lapeana
One of the smallest and cutest Dyckias of all.

Jul 23, 2015

Dyckia delicata shares its throne with a Dyckia Brittle Star

Seeds here produced, could be any better?
Two of the mos spectacular Dyckias ever seen!!!
Dyckia delicata and Dyckia Brittle Star.

Dyckia delicata white and Brittle Star, I am about to cross these two beauties.
The resulting hybrids will have to make a lot of  work, imaginative one, in order to get any better looking than  the parent plants.



Dyckia ferruginea under leaf surface

Truely impressive marks


Jul 22, 2015

The super super white Dyckia reitzii

Dyckia reitzii white form

It was found by Walter, Clenilson and me during our trip to South.
This plant thrives high on a big mountain right on the frontier line Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul.
This is a young seedling found in nature. Observe: it emits stolons

Jul 20, 2015

a young Hybrid Dyckia I made here...

 Notice thes fabulous spines.


Jul 19, 2015

The new found dyckia species from Subida, Ibirama-SC

This seems to e a very rare plant as  just a very few specimen were found.
It grows on a perpendicular wall of a slope close to the lane of a very  important road the BR-470.
The road maintainer team uses a  machine to remove the loose rocks from the slope and  also these marvels are removed and destroyed.
These pictures taken in nature were already show here and I want to share the picture taken of a plant under cultivation. The plant characteristics are  unique!
Here in these first two pictures you can clearly notice the remains of two flower stalks.
Notice how long are these leaves.

The curious is Dyckia brevifolia lives some 150meters down from this spot and close to the Itajaí-açu  river rocky margins where the river turns its water into fast white ones.
Dyckia ibiramensis lives some 10km away on a Itajaí-açu tributary.

The plant does resembles Dyckia encholirioides but for sure it is  far different.
Petals are yellow.

Its pendant extra long leaves make a show.