Jun 26, 2016

Jun 25, 2016

Yes , Dyckia fosteriana

Dwarf adult, old and dazzling beautiful. 
A star like in black and white fosteriana.


Dyckia hebdingii is one of the best looking ones

Dyckia hebdingii


Jun 24, 2016

Dyckia hb Naked Lady

Dyckia encholirioides X Dyckia brevifolia


Jun 22, 2016

Dyckia maritima, yes species.

Dyckia maritima 
Pictures taken in Torres, by the Brazilian botanist Wilson Müller.
Science made us all believe maritima was a large plain green plant. Look at those.
They can be white, green, rosed...
They live meters from the Atlantic Ocean waters.

Jun 20, 2016

The crab Dyckia: Dyckia pottiorum


Nature can be surprisingly beautiful

Mimetic, these fosteriana just new found varieties are hard to detect.


Jun 18, 2016

Dyckia sp from Apiúna in Santa Catarina

Dyckias extremely hard to be reached are now beginning to be known.
Most of the species we know are easy reached plants.
This one here lives downtown the small town of Apiúna and nobody cared to get close it for it lives in a 90° vertical rock.

Jun 15, 2016

Dyckia lindelvaldeae ready to show its precious scented flowers


Dyckia incana and white Dyckia macedoi, similar but not the same

 Dyckia incana is a pretty very small plant.

Dyckia macedoi, a super white form.


Dyckia strheliana (Teresia Strhel, a southern Brazil Botanist)

This is a wonderful clump maker reophytic Dyckia found only in a very small 
spot in Rio Grande do Sul, the southermost Brazilian state.

Jun 14, 2016

I do love my Snow White one Dyckia

Dyckia hb Branca de Neve
Almost unbelievable white.....its scales are so small its indument is like a fine  white dusting.


Dyckia mirandiana prepares bloom and tries to get fanned

Jun 12, 2016

One more home made hybrid Dyckia

I love some of my home made hybrids. Yes, I do!
A fancy pot will not make it any better.
Here it is the emperor of its several times broken pottery.
A true majesty regardless its throne.


Jun 11, 2016

Dyckia company

Sedum japonicum...
A bit of Japan in my garden.