Oct 18, 2016

Dyckia Maria Fogosa

Oct 17, 2016

Yellow Dyckia gastaldiana from Tres Picos Peak

The gold yellow forms can be found in nature but they are extremely hard to be found.
They are not suffering plants but true xantic forms.
We have found this amid Dyckia brevifolia, Dyckia encholirioides, Dyckia fosteriana robustior.

This here is a super golden form and shows a nice white underleaf. 
 The spines are black pointed white ones.

This plant was found by Dr. Vilson Müeller and given to me.
Dyckia gastaldiana is under description process.

Oct 16, 2016

Xantic Dyckia gastaldiana from Tres Picos-SC Brazil

 This picture show tres Picos under snow and it was made by Mrs. Josi Dalpiaz.

These yellow plants were foung on top of the peak by Dr. Vilson Müeller. 

Oct 13, 2016

A wonderful xantic (yellowish) form of Dyckia gastaldiana on Tres Picos.

Just made pictures by Dr. Alexandre Kinas and Dr. Vilson Müeller.
Xantic forms re very very conspicuous in nature. They are not suffering result as too much sun exposition or drought or lack of any nutrient.

Dyckia monticola var. Arqus Pluvius , Dyckia monticola Arco-Íris