May 2, 2015

Dyckia hb lindelvaldeae X Dyckia marnier lapostollei var. estevesii

A rare hybrid and an incredible beautiful plant.

A beauty totally made in Brazil.

Seed list April 2015

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dyckia marnier-lapostollei var. estevesii

Dyckia marnire-lapostollei var. estevesii

Dyckia marnier-lapostolle presents a big amount of varieties. 
Every population is a different variety and clone plants.
Clone means plants that are not made by seed but by crown divisions.
Just one  variety was described, the estevesii one.
The species is scattered around or Federal District of Brasília in Goiás.

May 1, 2015

Dyckia Mercury, a gift from my dear Howdy friend in Texas

Dyckia Mercury

Clearly a Dyckia dawsonii hybrid.
I am planning to cross it using a Dyckia delicata and ...
if the result is fine I will name it after my dear Howdy friend in Texas.
Howdy is the Texas short (but everything is big in there) for How are you.

See my dearest friend, what a miracle you performed in my made it look much better
and you make me feel even better.
Thank you Frank Hejtmanek, way deep into Texas vastness
from way down South in Brazil.
All my thanks are yours.

Perfection  on leaves!

Apr 28, 2015

Dyckia Milky Way, a jewel I made myself

Cute, is the word the best describes this hybrid.

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Dyckia potiorum, a living jewel!

Flowering dyckia potiroum white form.
A truely magnificent plant!
 Seeds are available.

What you see on top o it  is the beginning of a floral stalk and not a sprout.

Seed list April 2015

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Dyckia nana, the smallest plants of a Dyckia species and what a beauty!

The background is composed by Dyckia delicata tomba bodes dark.

April 2015 Dyckia seed lis is now available under request


Golden Delicata from Tomba Bodes

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Apr 27, 2015

Dark Dyckia delicata TombaBodes

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A dark Dyckia delicata tomba Bodes

Tomba Bodes Hill hides more that one can imagine .....

The new Dyckia seed list includes this one.
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Apr 26, 2015

Seed list April 2015

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(New dreams from Dyckia dream land Brazil)


Apr 25, 2015

Delicata from Tomba Bodes (tipping goats) Hill

This is the biggest delicata population I found.
Those rocks are delicata covered in many points.

It is not an easy task to get there, it is something for the fit ones....
I am still to climb up there. I am sure many novelties are there to be seen by the very first time.

The bushes are spiny and one doesn´t get there whitout leaving some blood on the way.

Is it  the begining of a star, this striaton?
The cactus share the very same home.

The plants here show a multitude of colors, some seemed to be deep dark.
They are small and very compacted plants.

Where Dyckia delicata type lives, their habitat soon as we get to the bushes, delicatas are just  5 minutes ahead...
Tehy coud live here too but the creek we just crossed floods and kills any Dyckia.

The first we spot and you can see the terrain inclination!

The rock is a sedimented one and not granite.

Those rocks are very loose and dangerous to any climber.

The delicatas are bigger here  and they take filtered sun only.
This selected the delicata type from the super white ones.

The terrain is a stepy one, you con notice it here, you my left foot as the right is in the air.

Where delicatas live

From the distance we see the hill where delicatas were found
This field belongs to a farm and they plant tobacco in there.
In between this field and the hill there is a mountain creek, it can quickly flood after a heave summer rain and  prevent you from reaching there... but there is a bridge along the road but the way is more than duplicated.
Well the yellow circle shows the white compact  delicata form habitat and the red one show where the delicata type were found, it is a bushy area.
the white ones live under full sun exposition.
The shadowed type form was shown  by me and Holger from Hamburg Germany.
To the left of this hill passes the creek and Tomba Bodes hill is right there. Both hills are separated by this creek and delicatas populations are very very different from one another. Those from Tomba Bodes are much smaller and the vary in color from white to almost black. These must be shown!

Apr 24, 2015

Dyckia delicata, white form, in its habitat way down South in Brazil

From the farm house, this is the vie one can have of the most beautiful Dyckia on Earth habitat!
Yes, that sunny rocky wall and surroundings.
No one would be able to tell there were Dyckias in there.
the plants for its description were taken  close by those nude rocks but within the  forested area>
No one dared to climb up there and maybe they thought Dyckias were such as penguins, once you see one you saw all.
What a common mistake scientist make> Maybe they are not looking for the beautiful as beauty has no room in science.. I think differently, I do have a Hellenistic view on being and my heart knows who to fall in love.
...and guys this is something to fall in love....oh, indeed.

There is also a creek in between here and there where the plants are. This must be taken in deep consideration as it is impossible to get there during the rainy season, Mountain creeks can be  well dangerous to those trying to cross them.

Above if one look straight will see a palm tree known here as "jerivá" it grows all over Brazil and stands temperatures from "boiling"to below freezing. The delicata type  grows to the right of this palm three amid bushes.

Bellow we see a close up of the plant that grows on that area marked with a red circle above.

Here I am amid the stars!
Before we were there wild boars and stray pigs were there too and uprooted some plants we
planted again as  there were just 23 white delicata plants in there.
 concerned to this matter we talked to the land lord and also spread all the seeds we found all around in there.

The terrain is very "organic" and made of decayed old leaves from those bushes over there.
 The rocks are old granite ones and very very loose and dangerous.

One of the uprooted by boars and stray pigs plant.

The look from there!
We see the road and the farm house.

These, in my opinion are the most beautiful Dyckias of all.
Nothing hybrid or species compares to them.

The stray pigs that uproot the beautiful plants and eat them without any mercy.

Bellow one less to feed on the plants.
The farmer hunt one, here depilated and getting ready to be roaste, to serve us..