Jan 16, 2019

Dyckia pampeana

Jan 2, 2019

Two rarities together

Dyckia sp from Alto Paraíso de Goiás-Go on the left
Dyckia gastldianaxantic form to the right.

Yes, species.


Dec 31, 2018

I wish you a wonderful 2019.

Keep on dreaming and cultivating plants and friends









Dec 12, 2018

Dec 7, 2018

Yes! A Dyckia fosteriana from Sengés!

Dyckias arwe not like members of a red army, once you saw one you saw all and each one.
They differ amongst one another even so being species.
There is no such a thing as true species for all apecies are true.

Dec 5, 2018

A most fantastic hybrid

Dyckia sulcata X Dyckia reitzii white

It will bloom by the very first time .


Nov 28, 2018

Dyckia sulcata and its most beautiful hybrid

Dyckia sulcata, a rare plant.

Dyckia sulcata X Dyckia reitzii white

Dyckia sulcata

.A super white Dyckia sulcata hybrid

Nov 24, 2018

Dyckia alba

Nov 21, 2018

Dyckia paraensis the Dyckia of extremes: the weirdiest, the most colofull and the rarest of all.

Dyckia neo-jonesiana three of its cute looks

Dyckia neo-jonesiana

Rio Grande do Sul

Yes, one very same species in three different looks!!!!
People outside Brazil can´t take this but here it is shown.
many many Dyckiaspecies present different looks., I visited many many Dyckia species places in wilderness and have myself found diferences amid: Dyckia delicata, Dyckia hebdingii, Dyckia brevifolia, Dyckia monticola, Dyckia reitzii, Dyckia encholirioides, Dyckia maritima, Dyckia fosteriana ...................... 

Nov 20, 2018

Dyckia pampeana first ever shown blooming plant

This is a dwarf tiny Southern species.
It was numerous but they were grazed by sheep almost to the last one.
some were found within, rot wood fence posts were lambs could not set their tongues in.
The plant is a recent description. It was described by a friend in South, the young brilliant botanist Dr. Henrique Mallmann. This species has several looks, yes several. Dyckias of a very same species presents different looking faces. This led to many mistakes and many scientists were convinced every new look was a different species. Dyckias are in a great deal of suffering and playing their last cards. Dyckia role in nature is to bring substrate to trees and form forests. once the forest is settled Dyckias extinguishes and while this does not happen Dyckias present new looks.

Dr. Henrique is a brilliant mind in Brazil, he was born amid Dyckias in Rio Grande do Sul.
He is working in two of our Southern major Universities, Universidade Federal de Santa Maria and Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul.

Flowers are just a very few per stalk and the slender stalk bends with the seed capsules weight.

Nov 18, 2018

Dyckia paraensis

These are sprouts I removed and replanted in the very same pot to avoid any more differences in cultivation

Above we see the sprouts. They are replicas of the mother plant.

Below, the sprouts are attached to their mother plan.

Here you have a size idea... Notice the scales near the trunk.