Aug 29, 2016

Time to get ludic. New Dyckia seed list is available.

Goofy is always in my heart ....Here he is happy ´cause he is bound to see his lover Clarabela.
He is carrying some gifts to her. Clara loves Xeric plants.

Dyckia hebdingii va. arco-íris

Notice the floral stalk emerged exactly at the end of the yellow portion 
and the stalk sepals  are reddish and those on the base show some variegation.
We are  hoping for variegated seeds.

This damage was caused  by a helper who  tried to  move the plant using his boot.

Dyckia reitzii var. Fortaleza rubra, tolerates cold down to freezing

Seed pods

Dyckia subidensis flowers

Just released New Dyckia Seeds List

Dyckia reitzii seeds can be ordered using the new released Dyckia seeds list

New Dyckia seed list has Dyckia hebdingii var. Nenê lands......

We are going to make the most beautiful hybrid...Dyckia hebdingii form arco-íris X Dycki8a monticola rubrovariegated arcus pluvius

Both beauties are setting flower stems with variegated sepals.
I will try self in both plants ands cross them both ways.
Without dreams we won´t go far.

New Dyckia seed list is now available. 新しいDyckiaシードリストが利用可能になりました。

A brand new Dyckia seed list is available under request...

Autumn in North hemisphere  coincides to Spring in South where the Dyckias live.
If one sows them during this time in North  hemisphere and keeping the tray
inside and  on a windowsill facing South the seedling 
will be apt to be planted individually when Spring comes.
So you can be a step ahead doing so.

Aug 28, 2016

Dyckia hb Morenhinha Linda

Morenhinha Linda, beautiful moreninha (a dark haired and dark skinned pretty young girl)
Morenhinha Linda is a most famous Brazilian song and it tells about how much the young man misses her beautiful dark haired  or dark skined lover. It tells about the living in our interior lands.
I was grew up listening to this song and now
this  hybrid I name: Moreninha Linda.

Three super white hybrids

 Dyckia hb Chris Rogers by Bill Baker

 Dyckia hb Icicle by Bill Baker

Dyckia hb Branca-de-Neve by Constantino Gastaldi


Pictures made in nature one hour ago from now: Augus, sunday 09:30am

Dyckia fosteriana variety robustior

Pictures just taken and sent by Smartphone from The Anahagava Pic by Dr. Alexandre Kinas and Dr. Vilson Müeller. they are up there now.
The pic is 1400 meters high and it name is Tupy\Guarany language and means  House of the Devil.

Aug 27, 2016

Dyckia hb Chris Rogers

A splendid American hybrid from the very same group of Brittle Star, Bill Paylen, Icicle ....
Dawsonii and fosterina blood.

Dyckia marnier-lapostolle X Hechtia marnier-lapostollei

Will this be a female or a male flower stalk ?
this will ecide  we shall have a Dycketchia or a Hechykia ....