Mar 31, 2015

Dyckia glorios, to say spectacular is to say too little.

Dyckia gloriosa does not produce sprouts.
We must rely to seeds or head divisions to multiply it.
I am going to separate it soon.
I can not imagine anything  more strikingly colorful, unusual and beautiful.

Blue Dyckia hebdingii, isn´t it paradisiac?

Dyckia domfelicianensis

Natural Dyckia hebdingii X Dyckia chorestaminea hybrid

Dyckia hebdingii blue clone

Dyckia Branca de Neve (Snow White)

Dyckia Milky precious one.

 Dyckia Milky Way

I will defy
Which is the best ?
Make a test
 No way but Milky Way.
What else to say when there is no other way but Milky Way.
...and if you don´t mind: the best of a kind!

Dyckia Joachin and Dyckia Daniel

Dyckia Joachin
(named after my frien in Berlin)

My friend in Berlin was tottaly correct :
This is Dyckia lindelvaldeae X Dyckia marnier-lapostollei hybrid .
I took it as a special marnier.
Now it blooms and guess what?
The flower is scented, orange/yellow petaled, the stems are nice colored 
and slender, only much lomger than the true lindelvadeae.

I am making self and will name it after my friend´s son in Berlin: Dyckia Daniel.

So Dyckia Joachin self fertilized seeds will give birth to F1 plants named Dyckia Daniel.! Dyckia hebdingii habitat.

Impossible not to get moved....
This is well south in Brazil. It gets cold in winter.

That´s me in Heaven....

As you can notice it is not an ocean of the very same thing
....there are some striking beautiful individuals.

The blue ones!

Mar 30, 2015

Blue Dyckia hebdingii

Dyckia gloriosa

I know I posted it many times.
I just can´t not do it.
Here it dances in the light.
I can only say, nothing compares to Dyckia gloriosa.
It is so unique and glamorous..
Color is true and it is  so year around.

Dyckia fosterina-fosteriana

Dyckia fosteriana lapeana ...mimetic

Dyckia Tante Sister

A blue Dyckia hebdingii, did you know of it?