Apr 27, 2017

Heavens are for the weirdest.....

 Dyckia fosterian robustior defecta

 Dyckia monticola

 Dyckia encholirioide

 Dyckia fosteriana Sengés

Dyckia hb Naked lady (encholirioiude X brevifolia)

Large populations keep big surprises. Some have a very few spines, some are dwarfened, some are hairy, toothy, giants... Would them be well kept leftovers of a long ago passed time?
We know the future is not granted by the very same individuals but the
special ones, the different ones, the rare, weird and the rudiculous. Nothing stands still, everything changes, the planets change. Survives those the faster stand the cold or the cool times, those that fly higher or burry deeper, those with an accute sight, those that run faster, or with a thick coat, thos better disguisedto predators, the mimetic ones, narrowest leafed or the broadest ones, big brains...well the possibilities are endless. There is no certainty nor perfection in nature and less yet eternity!!!! The more perfect and well addapted lesser are theirs the changes to reach future. It is the strange, the weird the thicket to heavens!!!!!!!

Apr 25, 2017

Orthophytum vagans variegated cv Roberto Menescal

A beautiful wandering (vagans) Ortho.

Apr 23, 2017

Super white!!!!

Dyckia fosteriana
Dyckia hebdingii

Two of the most spectacular Dyckias on Earth......

Dyckia monticola var.Aurora
Dyckia hebdingii var. Arco-íris


Now, as the days get short in South Hemisphere.... time to be greeen to these brevifolias!!!!

The days are shorter here as the winter approaches these plants get greener.
Notice the center of the crowns are green now. It is time here to get attempt to fungus attacks.
the cracks (some are visible in these pictures) on the leaves are entrances to fungus. We must use a good one fungus killer, one which can get into the plant and spread all over it. This plant is extremely susceptible to fungus and most of the losses are due to it. As I want them in big clumps I must to be watchfull.

Apr 22, 2017

Dyckia goehringii......

Dyckia goehringii super white form
Dyckia goehringii var, lemei

Apr 20, 2017

this is a wonderful dwarf Dyckia fosteriana Sengés form

One of the most beautiful  creatures from the southern Brazilian rocks.

Below we can see another Dyckia fosteriana Sengés form.
It is similar  to the upper one and also beautiful.

a novelty, a newfound one from center Brazil

Apr 15, 2017

Dyckia sp, what a sight for Easter time!

A brand new beauty!




Encholirium reflexum, juvenile plant

A most beautiful encholirium. 

A super white fan Dyckia...

Apr 14, 2017

this is one of the most beautiful Dyckia fosteriana Sengés forms my eyes set on.....

Sengés are all dwarf ones! 
Cute and pretty they do not fail to catch one´s eyes.

Seeds are available under request.