Nov 29, 2014

Dyckia Koka Wolff

Dyckia Koka Wolff

Koka is a friend of mine who now lives amid the stars.
But no matter where, you my dearest friend will be always in my mind and prayers.
for I love you.
Koka was with us for many times with her husband (and also my dear friend Jorge Luiz Wolff)
 when we were visiting  our southern Dyckia fields.
She was always loving and smiling, always sweet and kind.

Dyckia Koka Wolf a star in the angel in Heaven.


Nov 27, 2014

Bond to be dazzling beautiful....

Still a very young seedling this is
Dyckia fosteriana-fosteriana Star of Brazil X Dyckia Brittle Star .
It is really bond to be dazzling beautiful, isn´t it?

Dyckia Big Brazil son, another Bill Baker´s beauty.

Dyckia Brittle Star X Dyckia goehringii white, a juvenile seedling

Notice how the spines change as the plant ages.
The final look will be shown by the first blooming.

Nov 26, 2014

All within a hybrid Dyckia seedling

A new made hybrid continues hidding its face and look till it has bloomed.
We can´t say much until there for it may go into a drastic transformation.
Meanwhile a thing is absolutely sure, it may change and change but always turning into a better look.

Just a little twist here and there....just a little twist like this:


Nov 23, 2014

Dyckiq hebdingii Arco-íris (rainbow)

This astonishing beautiful hebdingii was found when a small seedling in nature by Djenes Dalfovo and me.
At that time the small seedling presented just two or three pinkish stripes.
Look, it turned out to be this marvel.


Dyckia fosteriana-fosteriana Star of Brazil

Star of Brazil is a very beautiful plant and it is pure fosteriana.
I made it myself.

Dyckia White Fang by Richard KaZ

Nov 21, 2014

Dyckia sp from Diamantina-Minas Gerais

Dyckia sp from Diamantina

A small plant that shows just a hint of color.
A Dyckia doesn´t need to be as colorful as a Brazilian macaw to be dazzling beautiful


Nov 17, 2014

Dyckia reitzii rubra Fronteira (frontier)

Dyckia paucispina, an Amazonian species

...and this color is true.

Dyckia ibiramenis rubra

A surprisingly beautiful look!

Dyckia Brittle Star X Dyckia goehringii white, the same cross as Dyckia chameleon

All by myself made!
Dyckia Brittle Star X Dyckia goehringii white.
Of course I am much proud of it, wouldn´t you?
Beauty, that is all that matters....I want your eyes on it and I want them to be bathed in beauty.
Better and the best of all this is a Dyckia and this means living is eternal or very close to it. 
Flowers are a celebration of life and joy in Dyckias.
Aging? Dyckias just get better and better with the passing years.
Nothing compares!

Nov 16, 2014

Dyckia Chameleon (Brittle Star X goehringii white)

I made this cross and I am loving the resulting plants.

To the fanned forms fanatic Dyckia fans

Yes, a compact Dyckia estevesii,.
a colorful short leafed one.

Yes, this is a rarity: Dyckia encholirioides fanned form