Jul 31, 2010

Dyckia Icicle

Dyckia Icicle
...a beautiful and old american Hybrid. David Boudreaux keeps some of the old and most precious Dyckia hybrids in United States.

Dyckia species from Lagoão-RS

Unnamed Dyckia species from Lagoão-RS

This is one of the most good looking Hybrids.
Short extremely wide leaves, succulent, great colored big spines.
Endumented to the right amount.

Dyckia monticola flowers.....

Jul 30, 2010

Dyckia fosteriana fosteriana
Dazzling stunning to say the very least here.

Dyckia fosteriana nivosa 
(Dyckia marnier-lapostollei  X  Dyckia brevifolia) X Dyckia fosteriana 

A fantastic hybrid to serve as basis to future new hybrid plants.
If well protected this plant gets white and turns red during the long Summer clear days.

Dycia sp argentea affinis

Dyckia sp argentea affinis - Minas Gerais

Jul 29, 2010

Small, brand new and beautiful Dyckia species from Northeast Santa Catarina uphills.

Dyckia fosteriana fosteriana

Dyckia fosteriana nivosa

Dyckia fosteriana nivosa

Dyckia Chão de Estrelas rubra form

Dyckia species from Lagoão-RS on a Summer outfit

Species! ...and just stunning!

Dyckia Star of Brazil

Dyckia fosteriana fosteriana Star of Brazil

Dyckia fosteriana rubra

Jul 28, 2010

Dyckia Big Brazil #1

Dyckia Big Brazil #1
..in Houma Louisiania -USA

Dyckia Big Brazil #2

Dyckia Big Brazil #2
This precious plant lives in Houma - Louisiania
It was a long ago gift from Bill Baker to my Cajun friend David Boudreaux
The plant below is the one sent to me and the object of my pride.
Look, it is making a new one plant.

Dyckia fosteriana nivosa

Small and alluring this is a plant we all wish to keep.
The conspicuous orange flowers just add to its beauty.

Dyckia Toothy Wolfgang one of the prettiest Californian Hybrids

Dyckia Toothy Wolfgang
One of the best Californian Hybrid Dyckia

It will bloom and will marry to which one?
I am saving pollen  from Dyckia Star of Brazil.

Jul 27, 2010

Dyckia Star of Brazil

Dyckia delicata one of the most beautiful Dyckia species.

Dyckia delicata 

...and all these spines are incapable of any injury to your skin as they are rubber like.

Dyckia delicata

Dyckia delicata type form
One of the most stunning plants....
This is what all Dyckia had in mind when they dreamed of being stunning.... 

Jul 26, 2010

The magnificent blue white Dyckia sp hebdingii affinis

No doubt this is one of the best looking xeric plants.

Jul 25, 2010

Dyckia Vampirete

This is a young hybrid Dyckia. What will the future bring here, What lies ahead?
Look the bloody red spines....A Vampirete, no doubt.

Dyckia Tante
...a Apolônia Grade creation and one stunning Dyckia hybrid.

Dyckia marnier-lapostollei X Dyckia brevifolia
Dyckia fosteriana 
This is one of the most beautiful broad leafet Dyckia Hybrids

One of the  most beautiful Dyckia hybrids.
Dyckia goehringiii  X Dyckia pectinata

Dyckia fosteriana nivosa in its Summer dress

Dyckia fosteriana nivosa

Jul 24, 2010

Dyckia delicata.... better, imposible.

Dyckia delicata is just now being known. Once it was believed Dyckia delicata
 was just one type butthere are some remarkable  varieties as you can see. 
This is a young adult plant from Tomba Bodes slope. (Perau do Tomba Bodes)

Dyckia Mother Africa a fine hybrid.....

Dyckia Mother Africa

Dyckia fosteriana and Dyckia brefifolia
Dyckia leptostachya