Dec 31, 2015

Dyckia unguiformis - Karl Heinz Tank

Here the plant is about blooming by the first time under cultivation. 
It was found around Lençóis -BA Brazil by Karl Heinz Tank.
The plant closes its leaves in a way it resembles a closed clawn of a bird hence its suggested name unguiformis. Well watered the plant still looks weird and beautiful and much lined.
We can see many many lines , silver one. When the plant shrinks from dehydration the lines get together and the leaves turn silver to reflect the sun.

Dyckias in my garden, a feast for the eyes, a joy to life.....

Dyckia encholirioides var. Praia do Forte-SC and the wonderful Dyckia gloriosa

The white one is Dyckia Fantasma

The Summer has just begun....

...and I have seeds for those who dare to be different.


The wonderful Dyckia gloriosa, a living Christmas decoration

Dec 30, 2015

Dyckia delicata var. rubra

A seedling produced by seed collected in my garden.


Dec 28, 2015

a bit , a tiny bit of my garden

An old broken pottery, a Dyckia Hybrid and a rock covered by moss...
that´s all it takes to catch an eye.

Dyckia pampeana the smallest Dyckia species in the world.

Dyckia pampeana

It lives  ion Rio Grande do Sul in pampa region. Pampa is a type of undulating grassy land. it goes down to Uruguay and also part off Argentina. This Dyckia species was thought to be extinted as the sheep raising eliminates it .  Some individuals were found growing within fence posts and the sheep tongue could not reach them. 
This is a rarity  I´ve got from Dr. Jones (Dyckia jonesiana) Caldas, a gentleman.

It is recovering from  field growing.


Dyckia Hb Brittle Star by Bill Baker, a classic!

Unnamed hybrid Dyckia seedling

Dyckia are all native to Brazil and neighboring countries.
Dyckia hybrids were first made in United States, in California and Florida.
Up there in USA people counted on some Brazilian species and their raw material as not a rich one. People counted on  brevifolias, dawsonii, marnier-lapostolei, fosteriana.
I love hybrids. Some show the best of each partent and more.
Adding to the fact we can create, Dyckias hold much more to show.
New species are found almost in a dayly base as new connoisseurs, entrepreneurs, and Dyckia lovers are also getting more and more.
Dyckia use to habit some of the more inaccessible places.
some months ago I was told a Dyckia was living downtown Apiúna, a small town in Santa Catarina.
The plant was living in a granitic and basalt rock formation looking like a Sugar loaf (Pão de Açucar) in Rio de Janeiro. I doubted initially and went to confirm and it was really there, a new brand new, never seen Dyckia species downtown a small town!!!
Well, I showed here the pictures I took but they did not showed the reality. The plant is fantastic armed with powerfull huge yellow spines.
The place is so steep I could not took pictures of the best plants as simply I could not remove any hand from the rock in order to prevent falling.
I am 61yo and not any bit to rock climbing.
Now I am arranging some specialized help and also the proper weather conditions to get back there.
Well, what I am trying to say here is: a new species may be as stunning looking as the best hybrid and also as difficult to get. The emotion is basically the very same.
Dyckias enable you to make your own beauties, your never seen before ones.
I do have much raw material, species the hybridizer pioneers did not count with.
You can have them by requiring the seed list I have always updated.

This young beauty is turning into a  very beautiful reddish shade.
A Dyckia does not show its final looks until it has bloomed,
 so this one here has much to show ahead.


Dec 27, 2015

Dyckia pottiorum, white and green forms.

Seeds are available under special request: 

Dyckia Hb Toothy Wolfgang from a friend in Encino-Ca

Seeds are available under request.


Dec 24, 2015

Dyckia encholirioides var. Praia do Forte, Ubatuba-SC

This is the beginning of its yellow phase. 
Summer has just begun


Dec 23, 2015

Dyckia choristaminea var. Morro do Carvão rubra

This small beauty bears the narrowest dyckia leaves of all

In nature it lives within the cracks of rocks and up on a rocky hill where the wind from the South Atlantic Ocean blows steady and strong .

Dec 18, 2015

Dyckia encholirioides var. Praia do Forte

Getting yellower every passing day.

Dec 17, 2015

Dyckia encholilioides var. Praia do Forte, getting into a paler shade of yellow

Dyckia gloriosa, the more I look at you the more I fall in love

the hybrid I made......Dyckia hb......

(Dyckia pectinata X goehringii) X  (Dyckia Hb Brittle star)

New seeds are available under request