Feb 25, 2015

Dyckias, some modern hybrids just takes my breath away.

...and I just love it.
I climbed many mountains, I searched for  Dyckias above the clouds
always searching for  the ultimate beauty.
Those who sow a Dyckia seed sow more than just a seed, sow a dream.
Dreamers climb all mountains...not for the challenge of a edelweiss

but for the most beautiful Dyckia.

All dreams fit fine wihin a seed.



Feb 22, 2015

Come with us to see our southern alpine landscape and Dyckias , Campos do Quiriri Northeastern Santa Catarina in Brazil

Dyckia dussenii

Native alpine flowers

Those pine trees are invaders.

An extremely rare and endemic Erygium and Dyckias.


Let us climb to the clouds

Thar rocky mountain top houses this wonderful Dyckia dussenii.

 Tibouchina flower..

Isn´t it spectacular?

Traces of cattle raising and fire.


A stroll up to the clouds......

We passed the tree line.
Notice the hugeness, the majesty. In spite of being midsummer we were feeling cold.
That rocks are the home of many many beauties...


My friend and Botanist  Jorge |Luís Wolff examining a Tibouchina plant

 Jorge luís Wolf, Wilson Müeller and Osmar antônio Sbardelatti.

Fires are a common place here and Dyckias get relieved from the grasses attack.

No, not Dyckias. These are Eryngium.


A stroll till the clouds. Caqmpos do Quiriri, an alpine rocky field Southeastern in Brazil

Dyckia dussenii

 We were there too...abobe the clouds
Temperatures were always close to 5C°, and this is midsummer.

A Tibouchina in full bloom.

A whole year would not be enoug to see all just in one mountain.
Notice the namy stones and rocks.

a recent fire....

Dyckia dussenii

No, this is not a Dyckia. 
This is a Paepalanthus alpinus