Aug 31, 2016

Aug 30, 2016

Green and flava forms of Dyckia fosteriana robustior on Papanduva Peak

Pictures taken by Dr. Alexandre Kinas and Dr. Vilson Müeller.
Sunday 28th, 2016.
The  flava form is a highly promissing one.

Dyckia fosterina robustior on top of the Papanduva Peak, last Sunday.

This plant was described by L.B.Smith in 1950

Pictures taken by Dr. Vilson Müeller.

Papanduva Peak is In Paraná southeast, some 64 km away from where I live.
It is close to Araçatuva and Anhangava peaks.
Temperatures can drop to -11°C during some winter nights frost, 
snow and icicle are common there.

These plants here present shorter and wider leaves and also bigger spines
 they well may be a different species. All plants are rubra.

Aug 29, 2016

Time to get ludic. New Dyckia seed list is available.

Goofy is always in my heart ....Here he is happy ´cause he is bound to see his lover Clarabela.
He is carrying some gifts to her. Clara loves Xeric plants.

Dyckia hebdingii va. arco-íris

Notice the floral stalk emerged exactly at the end of the yellow portion 
and the stalk sepals  are reddish and those on the base show some variegation.
We are  hoping for variegated seeds.

This damage was caused  by a helper who  tried to  move the plant using his boot.

Dyckia reitzii var. Fortaleza rubra, tolerates cold down to freezing

Seed pods

Dyckia subidensis flowers

Just released New Dyckia Seeds List

Dyckia reitzii seeds can be ordered using the new released Dyckia seeds list

New Dyckia seed list has Dyckia hebdingii var. Nenê lands......

We are going to make the most beautiful hybrid...Dyckia hebdingii form arco-íris X Dycki8a monticola rubrovariegated arcus pluvius

Both beauties are setting flower stems with variegated sepals.
I will try self in both plants ands cross them both ways.
Without dreams we won´t go far.