Jul 21, 2009

Dyckia ferruginea
( Latim for rusting Dyckia)

If you rather have them Big, if you have a thing for the beautiful ones,
if you get crazy for the most silvery Dyckias...
That is decidedly The Dyckia Of Yours!
Don´t go on thinking all of them are this way.
This is one amongst many.
Dyckia ferruginea are wonderful plants. They are not fit for a windowsill, maybe a regal one.
This plant grows up to your knees.
...and now the bomb: During the most sunny months it gets a sheen of gold all over.
It is the only plant I know capable of this.
This here is a young plant that has not bloomed yet.
This is absolutely rare outside Brazil and of course even here.
Just to entice our minds: what about this baby getting a true fosteriana pollen?
Don´t panic. I won´t do it... now

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