Jan 31, 2010

Dyckia sp from Painel in Santa Catarina

Dyckia sp from Painel-SC
The shinning leaves reveal a highly vaxed plant.
Beautiful and unknow plant. This baby is a rocki cliff dweller.
This cliff was cut by the waters of a small
turbulent  mountain river.

Dyckia minarum - Minas Gerais native to

Dyckia minarum

Rare and beautiful this plant is not seen abroad.

Dyckia splendens

Native to Santa Catarina This magnificent Dyckia species finally emits
its flower stalks in my garden. They became noticable in last November and the flowers are due to late Summer.

Below you may notice the flower stalks.
Extra care will be taken in order to produce legitimate true  species seeds.
In nature  it was found a sole green  form, a red one and also a sole silver one. I do hope to get
all four types from these seeds here as this plant presents all these colors itself.

This, with no doubt, is one of the most beautiful of all Dyckias.

Dyckia eruca

Dyckia eruca
Rescued among the lefovers of a camping fire this plant is about to be described.
It really seems to be itself a copy of the fire that extinguished it from nature.
It gets even more fire like when in winter it intensifies its red color to the limit.
We suspect there is just half a dozen of these plants in the whole planet.
Eruca is Latim name for burn like fire.

Northeastern Santa Catarina Dyckia minarun native

This Dyckia species found in Northeastern Santa Catarina was reported by
  Raulino Reitz as Dyckia minarum.
This is one of the most beautiful Dyckias from Santa Catarina.

Meanwhile Dyckia minarum seems to be quite different and habits Minas Gerais hence its name 
Dyckia minarum.

Dyckia species from Cólider - Mato Grosso

This colorful Dyckia species is one of the prettiest one.
It seems to be a Dyckia paucispina relative, a rich one.

Unnamed, there seems to be no better name than Dyckia corallina.
This way we get rid of one more weird meaningless human name to a New Dyckia species.
I just hope the describer gets sense...and sensibility this time.

Those who like it silver, shinning silver...

Dyckia species from Southwest Goiás
Found in nature by a Cacti lover this proved to be a fantastic plant.
This plant also produces stolons and this is curious at least.
Flowers has not appeared up to now but we already see begenings of flower stalks.

We are bond to see many unpublished and unseen new Dyckia species.
Dyckias are kind of last chance to some some "eternize" their funny names.
I do think human names could have a better use with hybrids and the species should get Latin ones 
indicating some peculiarity to the plant. That would be much more scentific no doubt.
Human names should be used with extreme parsimony and in just extra extraordinary cases.
We can see today the entire families names given to new described plants. This makes wonder of the family parrot´s name. What about a Dyckia korupako? It would not be so weird... 
A Dyckia antoniusii would mean nothing but a Dyckia corallina means collored as  the coral.
All in all this is all Human...this is all fun ( Future may not take as that.)
What really counts: beauty...and this Dyckias have lots!

Jan 30, 2010

Dyckia sp Cachoeira do Apiacás - Mato Grosso
This is a new and beautiful small Dyckia species.
Its seeds are big and almost round as a disc.
Its orange flowers are attached to very slender tall flower sticks.

Dyckia species from Rio Grande do Sul.
Dyckia delicata affinis?
This baby is a most colorful plant. It resulted from seeds collected in wilderness
Still a young plant with much to go ahead.
Stunning and dazzling to say the least here.
Spines are soft rubbery.

Dyckia species from Araguaia region

The Araguaia region will show many new xeric plants to us. This is one is a brand 
new found Dyckias species. Note the trichomas gathered in the center of the plant.
The poist of these spinnes are very brittle and easeky get stuck inside your flesh.
A mean strong plant that takes any oportunity to injury your skin and get blood out from you.

Dyckia stolonifera

Dyckia stolonifera
New described Dyckias species.
This is a rare Dyckia species from Mato Grosso that look like some Dyckia rariflora.
Here you see a small plant already showing stolons.

Dyckia richardii

Dyckia richardii
Small and charming already published new Dyckia species.

Dyckia sp from Chapada dos Guimarães - Mato Grosso

This new Dyckia species just recently found looks a close relative to Dyckia pumila but it 
guards many differences from that one.

Small and colorful this plant is very beautiful. 
Its thin leaves gives a featheared impression when seen at

Comes from a spot named Mata Fria (Cool Bush) close to the Capital of the Brazilian State of Mato Grosso, Cuiabá.

Dyckia pectinata, normal and red golden one

Dyckia pectinata is as rare as Poar Bera with Black ears and the plant below is 
a polka doted black eared Polar Bear.
The plant is a legend. Dyckia pectinada is famous for not cloning and this  red golden type
seems to clone at last.

Dyckia brevifolia Golden Glow

I just can´t stop loving this.
This bears every thing a good Dyckia may present:
Fits every place, sunny ones from window sills till carpeting hills.

Jan 29, 2010

Dyckia atratiflora

Wow, now I have Dyckia atratiflora (attractive blooming) !
The plant is  not any attractive and the flower itself also.
The petals are very dark colored and this is hard to find in Dyckias.The petals even do not open fully.
Hard to find is not necessarily attractive but...this is it, attractive or not I have it.
What about trying a Dyckia reitzii ( This does bears attractive flowers!) and this one?
Humm.. that would be attractive for sure.
Those above are lateral shoots of Dyckia atratiflora and ther is much to go ahead in order to bloom.
The adult plant itself is a graceless one but there is nothing that can´t be fixed with a small brush
and the help of a true beautiful and attractive  Dyckia.

Dyckia Belissima, this hybrid will bloom. at last.

This blooming a reason to celebrate.

Dyckia sp from Colider - MT Brazil

Dyckia sp from Colider - Mato Grosso Brazil

Just recieved this stunning plant is a dream plant. It gets even more redder
than this.
This is a gift from the Botanist Apolônia Grade.

Dyckia pectinata red/gold form

Dyckia pectinata
This dream plant just came to my door sent by a dearest friend, a Botanist in Mato Grosso
Dra. Apolônia Grade.

Dyckia pectinata
Its Latim name means: like a comb.

Jan 27, 2010

Dyckia delicata

Dyckia delicata
Delicatas are native to Rio Grande do Sul, the Southernmost area of Brazil.

Delicatas are among the most beautiful Dyckias of all.

Dyckia Spider Witch

Dyckia Spider Witch

This is a Dyckia dawsonii and Dyckia chorestaminea crossing.
The highlights here are the blooming time. This hybrid is extremely floriferous.

Dyckia splendens is a Santa Catarina native to Dyckia species

This plant is  a recent finding and a very beautiful one.
It may be found in green, reddish and silver types.
It is a self fertile plant, this will allow me to get true pure species seeds here, hopefully lucky some green, some red and some silver type forms will come up from this plant.

This plant is a late Summer bloomer and its flower stalk  is impressive in many ways.
It is well branched and these branches arch downwardly. Each one bears two  parallel rows of tiny yellow flowers.

Unnamed Dyckia species from Southwest Goiás.
There are many more Dyckia species to be found, described and published than one might wonder.
Some of them are just dazzling plants.

Big, Beautiful and Blue, this is a breathtaking Dyckia

Unpublished and unnamed this is native to a side road cliff in North Rio Grande do Sul.

Dyckia monticola

Dyckia monticola
Monticola is Latim for mountain dweller Dyckia.
This species bears one of the more gorgeous Dyckia flowers.