Jul 30, 2009

Dyckia goehringii a wonderful plant with a drab graceless flower

Dyckia goehringii and its flowers.

Cerrado plant normally bewares very unattractive flowers. They barely open a hole
on top of the flower buds. This is an attempt to protect the feminine parts of the flower.
Cerrado air humidity may be less that that of the Sahara and marks below 20% are all too frequent. This is the reason for such flowering attitude.
Cerrado is a huge area in Central Brazil from which many of the most beautiful Dyckias come.
It is quite similar to a African Savanna. Cerrado is home for Cacti, succulents, bromeliads, orchids and an endless array of beauties. Some plants are so specialized to determined micro climate within the Cerrado area there is no way to remove any with success from there, not even their seeds, This happens is Australia and some parts of Africa.
If one wants to see the plant alive must risk the neck and face wilderness.
Dyckias from The Cerrado take ages and ages to get acclimatized to our Southern conditions and one have to have not just a green finger but an all green soul and mind too.
They may challenge the very skilled gardener to the limit.

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