Jul 21, 2009

Dyckias under the cold morning dew

Dyckia sp from Santa Catarina Northeast Uphills (small species)

Dew plays a vital role in Dyckias life.
The cold air of the mountains when preceded by sunny days
and a windless night makes this fundamental water source to
get available to Dyckias.

Dyckia sp Lagoão - RS

All the substrate gets wet by the dropping dew tears.
This does not happens every night. Quiet cold air is needed and
must follow a sunny day.
The humidity condensates on the leaves in the form of tiny droplets.

Dyckia sp from Northeast Santa Catarina Uphills ( A dwarf species)

These droplets gather to form a rich and most valuable
source of real and pure water.

Dyckia reitzii

This may be the only real water disposed to Dyckias for months on a roll.

Dyckia sp Três Passos - RS

Even the scaled plant get drenched in dew.

Dyckia Hybrid Mother Africa

No scaled plants turn into vivid color.
The stomata needs humidity ion order to catch the nutrients
brought by the wind to the under leave stomata.
Carbon is also taken from the air.
Carbon is the unquestionable fountain of live.

Dyckia consimilis

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