Feb 28, 2013

Dyckia Hb Brittle Star X Dyckia hb Arizona

I am so in love with this......
My love gets bigger and bigger every passing day..... 


Dyckia sp from Apiacás-Mato Grosso

A small colorfull species...


I never showed this, I mean this species. For I ´ve seen so me different looks around the world I was afraid to give rise to another polemic issue. I waited till i had the opportunity to collect myself the plant. This plant is not "trained" and presents a bit of  not wished fails.
 So this is it!

Dyckia macedoi!


Dyckia marnier lapostollei
This is an impressive regional variety introduced by Bill Baker
|Notice the scales, how impressive they are....


This is a plant I got from my Howdy friend and I love it so much....
I do not know what is this but one thing is for sure: it is bond to be  a wonderful plant!


True Dyckia goehringii sprouts...

Feb 27, 2013

Dyckia hb Dancing Dervish

Dyckia hb Dancing Dervish....

They open their arms and swirl.....spinning, dancing, whirling......for you!


Do you like fan like ones?

No, not a Dyckia estevesiiseedling!
This is a Dyckia mirandiana seedling!
One seed out of some fifty germinated.
Dyckia mirandiana was found in Goiás and it is a distichous arranged plant.
I am surprised to see a so young seedling being fan like. 


This one is another  fan like new  Dyckia species species but notice: where are the spines?
We have more to be known about Dyckia than we wonder....


Dyckia goehringii

this goehringii plant was sent to me by a friend in Central Brazil.
I was afraid Dyckia goehringii was not self compatible and I asked for this one.
Now it produced some heavy sprouts of its own and I decided to separate them, today.
These sprouts take ages to get their own roots....


Look how heavy and thick the prouts are.

Notice the root producing above...

The mother plant below...



Dyckia goehringii and a half goehringii hybrid

Dyckia goehringii, the white ones I collected myself and the one to the left I recieved from  my American friend in Texas. Both spectacular ones.  the American plant is ball shaped as all Goehringii hybrids are.
this ball shaping is passed to the goehring hybrids when goehringii is the mother plant.
The American beauty has not bloomed here but I will compare both blooming.
When I saw pictures where this wonderful plant appeared, two years ago, I said hybrid!
I got many weird looks some eyebrow lifting and one enemy.
Well last here amid the many plants I´ve got from this adorable friend of mine this one jumped from the card box as a ball......I had some trouble in order to make well planted deep into the substrate. I had to fix it in place with two heavy iron wire V.
The plant is just extraordinary and begins to emit its own sprouts but nothing similar to the real Goehringii ones.


Compare them both here.

Take a good look at Dyckia goehringii sprouts.
They are heavy, thick and  simply unique.



Dyckia hb Brittle Star X Byckia hb Arizona
What a beauty!
Does this plant has a name? Who made it?
The parents are Bill Baker´s masterpieces.

Dyckia hb Bill Paylen

Feb 26, 2013

Dyckia hb snaggle Tooth

I simply could not resist sharing this with you.....
Now, can you imagine the joy I felt when this plant jumped out from the box form USA?
Now I have to cam down, sit, breath and wait till my heart calms down before I open the boxes.
When I saw this I yelled out loud my neighbours got absolutely sure I am more them mad....
From a friend who I admire and love.
Howdy my friend?