Oct 30, 2018



We are very sad due to the passing away of  Chanin Thorut.

He had a heart problem during a field search up North in his country Thailand.

He was known by many and showed the world his eyes for the best of the very best in Dyckias,  cacti, bromeliad and fish keeping.

"He was too young to die. It shows us, life is precious and short. 

We must cherish every day and every season." Said a mutual plant lover in

We are sad, rest in peace Mr. Chanin, we shall all miss you.


Oct, 30th.2018 




Oct 18, 2018

Dyckia nova-jonesiana

A super white beauty, here for 20 days in a roll under heavy rains and still deep velvet white.


Oct 17, 2018

A very small super white Dyckia fosteriana-Sengés-PR

Soon, its seeds will be available. Capsules are almost ready to be harvested.

Oct 12, 2018

Dyckia paraensis, a living jewel

 An Amazonian species as colorful as our parrots.