Sep 30, 2010

Dyckia Chão de Estrelas

Dyckia delicata cyanophylla one of the most stunnig Dyckia representatives.

It is almost impossible to find any other Dyckia species to rival.
Dyckia delicata cyanophylla grows amid the type form one
in nature.

Dyckia delicada red

Sep 29, 2010

Dyckia Icicle and its bloom.
another American hybrid and a dazzling one...

Sep 28, 2010

Dyckia noelii
Rare and under description new species from Northeastern
Santa Catarina Uphills.

Dyckia goehringii

Dyckia goehring 
A spotted form?

Dyckia argentea, or the closer we can get to it.

Dyckia argentea
Its descriptiona as so many faults we will never know what 
a real Dyckia argentea is in fact.
This is from Serra do Lenheiro in Minas Gerais.

Sep 27, 2010

Dyckia sp Lagoão- RS
The kaleidoscope Dyckia

This is a Dyckias species that presents individuals in any color, red, wine, yellow and golden, green of any hue.

Dyckia sp Lagoão-RS and Dyckia Brittle Star.

Dyckia Picante and Dyckia Brittle Star
on a rainy morning 

Dyckia Brittle Star

Dyckia Brittle Star

Dyckia Brittle Star is one of the most famous and beautiful Hybrid Dyckias.
This is  a Bill Baker masgterpiece and 
 Steve Ball gift to me.

Dyckia belíssima

Sep 24, 2010

Dyckia Belíssima
A Dyckia fosteriana Hybrid.

Sep 23, 2010

Dyckia sp Laogão-RS
Light pink one.

Springtime again......

It is Spring time here since 00:05 AM today.

Dyckia joanae-marcioi

Dyckia joanae-marcioi

Native to North Minas Gerais

 Under cultivation its leaves may be 30cm long.

Dyckia species native to alto Uruguai River close to
Santa Catarina and Rio grande do Sul border.

Sep 22, 2010

Dyckia fosteriana nivosa

Sep 21, 2010

Dyckia Chão de Estrelas
Dyckia marnier-lapostollei  X  Dyckia brevifolia

Dyckia Brasília

Dyckia Brasília

Dyckia marnier-lapostollei  X  Dyckia brevifolia

Native to Santa Catarina this plant bears one of the most unique Dyckia floral stems.
Dyckia splendens is a name suggestion.

 Dyckia Belíssima
This unknown hybrid named Belíssima....

Sep 20, 2010

Dyckia fosteriana-fosteriana
No, not a Dyckia marnier-lapostollei but a unnamed plant also from Goiás.

Sep 19, 2010

Dyckia goehringii
One of the most looked after plant.

Dyckia Luar, a hybrid by myself made.

Dyckia Luar
Dyckia sp Campo alegre-SC and Dyckia pectinata