May 31, 2016

Would you ever say this is Dyckia fosteriana?

Dyckia lovers were always induced to thing all members of a  Dyckia species are equal looking,
like soldiers of an army. This is not true!!!!
Dyckias are playing their last cards in the survival game of nature.
What guarantee the survival are exactly the  weird looking individuals of a very same species.
This works with ever species plant or animal.
The environment is always changing and challenging species,
 these strange looking individuals are the species ticket to future, to survival.


May 29, 2016

Dyckia fosteriana and me. all on arenetic rock

OH pretty baby...
"You're just too good to be true
can't take my eyes off of you
you'd be like heaven to touch
oh, I wanna hold you so much
at long last love has arrived
and I thank god I'm alive
you're just too good to be true
I can't take my eyes off of you.

This is an invitation to visit heavens.
Come with me I will show you how it is there up high. Take my hands, watch your steps and prepair yourself to be dizzy, mesmerized and deeply in love to fosteriana in wilderness....come.........


May 26, 2016

Dyckia fosteriana habitat

 Yes, an anthurium and look who is down there.

 A bromeliad...

Together, living together a white and a black fosteriana....all in Brazilian wilderness.


Dyckia fosteriana

 Yes, I was in seven heavens...

 Look these spines above.

This one gave up from some of its spines....

 Solitary stars....

A pool of Dyckias.

 What a marvel, isn´t it?

Compare to these ones below.

I like these pictures, they reveal variations......

Black ones and super white spines...

Ah, Dyckia fosteriana......

An Autunm bloom, a rarity.

 A lake may be formed here when it rains

 Orchid and fosterianas.

 What a rock!

 Cacti and lichens

 Above a Dyckia fosteriana bearing narrow leaves and huge teeth.

Below, broad leaves and  beautiful dentition.

Below a solitary star....

Dyckia fosteriana in wilderness

Almost invisible
Oh, do not worry about being suffocated by grasses. They live  high in the plato, more than 1000 meters and it gets cold, cold enough to eliminate most of the grasses whose decayed material serve as substrate for the Dyckia.

 Here above the leaves are narrow and longer than usual.

Defying all rules and blooming during Autumn.

 Can you spot this Dycki8a fosteriana clump?

 Arenite  carved by water.

Tillabdsias and other bromelidea...

Above you can devise two different forms of fosteriana

 Brom and cati.

Me and and belly

What a substrate all this decayde material will make.

May 16, 2016

Dyckia hb Maria Fogosa

Dyckia companion