Nov 30, 2011

Are you tired of the very same old classic look?

Here a bunch of brand new looks.
Hybrids I made my own
I have  seeds!
Seeds tha will allow you to raise your own exclusive beauties...

...beauties no human eyes has ever seen.
Beauties so brand new and unique you can name them yourself...

Take a good look at these two here.
Have you seen any before?
Even the sole green ones are tremendously beautiful ...
What can you compare with?

Now you can try your very own unique plant...
a only one...

New brand new and impossible to match ones.

Look below...what a sight!
...pretty small beauty like three  vertical opposing dishes...

Color like these are present in your collection?
Have you seen them on a plant, not a flower?

Do you want them even better looking?
It is more than possible! 
You can have them even better looking and much better...

New looks?
Look below... endless array of new beauties...

I am here offering even more than this..even better looking ones

I am offering  new looking beauties. So new no one has ever seen....
What enabled me to make this?
Lots of different and brand new species, new found ones and many never found..
Thirty years of dedication not three weeks!
I never sold a seed before, never!
Now I am offering this possibility of the brand new to you!

What moved me to selling?
I tried many, many ways not to sell, I´ve given seeds and plants to many many people and some I never ever heard about.
But I need what you need!
I must feed, dress, I like what you like...I am no God and no fool.
What about a brand new camera, a telephone I can operate anywhere and see your 
face while I talk to you?
A car , a new one ..mine was made in France in 1994! It is about time to retire it!
What about  LED TV set? Do you like it? Me too!
Have you ever went to California, Paris...?
I wanna see the Louvre, Prada.
I wanna visit Huntington Garden...
I am almost as you...

So I have seeds that can lead you to beauties like those here and ever much better ones.
contact me at:
Seeds are the best wrapping, the best way to travel and in a couple of summers you will have something to take your breath away..
...and beyond all this the pleasure of raising your own beauties yourself....

Have you ever dream of plant as beautiful as this one?
Red Dyckia delicata from Tomba Bodes.

These are the one I offer to you....first hand

Legitimate and pure strain Dyckia delicata seedlings.
They are small but look at the one I transferred to a place of its own three months ago..

The plant below was trasferred in September to  a new roomy place.
Notice how it has grown and it has changed...and yet you can spot the old leaves
the same you see in the sedlings above.
I will sell the  above ones as they fit inside a buble envelope and get to you sound and safe.
email me:
constantinog@ terra

The incomparable stunning beautiful Dyckia delicata

Dyckia delicata...simply nothing compares to it!
Absolutly gorgeous, stunning..out from this world, rare...

I am selling seedlings, young ones.
(I never sold any it is more than about time...)
Nothing else would dare to compare...this is simply out from this plain world...

I never saw a so strong and healthy delicada flower stalk

It looks like a modern wheat spike...
This is delicata flowere stalk. 
The plant is a collected one and it bloomed before but never so strongly... it...this is my left hand.
I am selling  young true Delicata seedlings ..
Contact me:
Dyckia delicatas are multi leafed plants and they are gorgeous....

Nov 28, 2011

Dyckia delicata seedlings

These two seedlings (above and below) are from the very same batch
of those in my hands on the third  picture.
the difference is those here were transferred from that communitarian
pot to a more roomy one  in September.
(Notice the already dryed old leaves)

Notice how fine those seedling deveoped in three months.
The old leaves are still there and you can see them.
 I can sell seedlings as those three months they get as those above.
These are true Dyckia delicatas, the most beautiful Dyckia of all.

Dyckia delicata...the first time ever I saw its face.....

Those seedlings are bond to produce  the most spectacular Dyckia species ever!
(...and I am selling them by the very first time....You can have them!)

...and I got a decision
Do you want  those seedlings?
email me at:
It is more than about time!
These are seedlings I made here with  super trustable seeds and 
they result in very stuning delicata plants as you see below.

We can trade!!!
(By the very first time ever: I am selling them!)

Dyckia delicata

Dyckia delicata
This is an impressive robust  dyckia delicata flower stalk.
This very same plant has flowered before but never as vigorously as now.
This is a collected and genuine Type specimen.
We sahll follow the progress of it as we are doing  to Dyckia alba here.

Dyckia hb Sabor Tooth

Dyckia hb Sabor tooth
A very ceative mind, no doubt, named this baby here.
The plant reproduces itself like mad.
...a pretty hybrid dyckia.

Dyckia hb Tarzana fellows in that epic journey.....

Dyckia hb Star Gazer stayed for 63 nights without looking the stars

This is a Dyckia marnier-lapostollei and  Dyckia hb Track Marks hybrid
Every living plant that get to my garden is a true miracle performed by friends outside my country.
More than any plant I care for them and their friendship.
We are also travelling, we are also  travel company fellows.
Not any travel but the one only we can perform.
Sometimes this travelling is so bumpy we nee a hand to hold, sometimes we travel  during the night and we need The Light you hold. Many times we get stuck and we need your friendship to move ahead.
We are all travellers and some of us  spent  years inside a box without seeing the Light, we need your whispering wise voice that tell us it is going to be fine.
We are all travellers  and as said Khalil  Gibran ( 18...-1931), the Lebanese Arabian thinker and philosopher, "we are just like arrows and we fly to God".
I need my friends to point out the direction as many times I am blind , tired, afraid and fearful, weak, hopeless, sick...
Sometimes I am travelling inside a box and I need a friend for this box to be delivered...a friend to make me see the Light...I wanna be a star gazer myself...we all deserve to see the stars...have you seen them lately?
Do not waste the next stairy´ll feel are not alone...

Below we see another  fellow  Dyckia hb Silver Queen  X  Dyckia hb Cherry Coke

Dyckia hb Tarzana by Bill Baker

Dyckia hb Tarzana is a Bill Baker´s beauty....

Tarzana is  a Los Angeles District and it is surrounded by Reseda to the North,
Woodland Hills to the West, Encino to the East and Santa Monica Mountains to the South.

This small plant is a heroin since its very tender childhood as it stayed with some other beauties,
for 63 days, without  seeing the light, inside a cartoon box during its epic journey all the way from Bella Vista  in Arkansas to Joinville, Santa Catarina in  Brazil.
..and as it wasn´t enough the plant  set roots  in Brazil during the winter. this turned things much harder to it but my preferred heroin is finally making beautiful and its new Brazilian leaves are  beginning to show its real beauty.
The handwriting is Paul´s.

Beautiful and very prolific Dyckia fragans

Dyckia fragans

...a fine and  prolific plant.

Agave Kissho-Kan

This pretty beautiful small Agave is one of my prides here.
Since its arrival in june 2010 it gave me many sprouts and made many friends
of mine as happy as I am.
Thanks, Paul.

Dyckia hb Black Sabor Tooth.

This Dyckia hb Black Sabor Tooth is a very special one,  notice its colors.
Sent to me by Paul. 

A very beautiful agave, a nice companion for my Dyckias

Agave leopoldii
Lives in my garden since june 26 th 2010 thanks to Paul.