May 31, 2010

Dyckia Bill Paylen

Got new roomy pot and shows its pareciation by the very morning rays.
It has still much to go ahead in the beuty road...

Dyckia companion......Hechtia rosea

Hechtias are not Brazilian and they are extremely rare and hard to be seen here.
Hechtia rosea

Dyckia argentea a most beautiful one.

I am not used to this plant and I´m not sure I am not the only one.
This plant is a rarity in every sense and meaning.
Its description is well evolved into a kind of mistery mist.
This plant here is the one found in Serra do Lenheiro in Minas Gerais
and closest to any Dyckia argentea ever existed;
The most import fact is the basic one: The plant is a true beauty!

Dyckia lindelvaldea

Dyckia lindelvaldeae
The beauty on the rocks ... indeed one of most beautiful Dyckias.

Dyckia species From Chapada Diamantina - Bahia

Dyckia species Chapada Diamantina - Bahia

Compare the two of them....

Above: Dyckia  species from Chapada Diamantina - Bahia
-Beautiful orange flowers on an unbranched stalk-

More than 4.000 km in between them in nature.

Below: Dyckia hebdingii affinis from Arroio dos Ratos - Rio Grande do Sul
-Tiny drab yellow flowers on a thin branched stalk-

Dyckia species from Chapada Diamantina in Bahia

When not in bloom this plant looks very alike Dyckia hebdingii from
Rio Grande do Sul  some 4 non stop hours on a jet plane way down South.

I just do not understand this plant is not described yet as it is well known here since long ago.
It seems taxonomist won´t get into the trouble of comparing.

Say How do you do to Dyckia elisabethae....

Dyckia elisabethae

Dyckia elisabethae is another Dyckia hebdingii Complex member.
Native to Arroio dos Ratos region in Rio Grande do Sul.
Extremely well arranged thi is  a uncomparable plant.
Its seeds are very small and bloms in yellow tiny flowers.

Dyckia fosteriana - wild form from Marialva - Paraná

Dyckia fosteriana Dyckia Complex with many members
Here a plant from Marialva, in the mood for blooming.

A spectacular Dyckia delicata specimen from Tomba Bodes slope in Rio Grande do Sul

Dyckia delicata
A magnific individual from Tomba Bodes Slope (Tip Goat Slope).

In Dyckias as in any other plant some speciemen are truely  spectacular.

May 30, 2010

Dyckia Tarzan
A Bill´s pretty one hybrid.

Dyckia Son of Tarzan

Dyckia son of Tarzan
Another Bill´s beauty.

New and unnamed: this time from Goiás

No, this is not Dyckia atractiflora.
This are  tubular flowers and the petals are jusr darker than ususal not almot black as in Dyckia atractiflora but the plant is much more beautiful indeed.

Unnamed Dyckia species from Mato Grosso.

Small and very beautiful succulent Dyckia.
Teeth are very big, hard and light green colored.

We do have much more to see when we say Dyckia!
This is new and never saw before!

Aechmea recurvata Dyckia companion

Aechmea recurvata
Grows everywhere here in South but this variety grow on rocks under open skies.
Shares home with Dyckia monticola.

Orthophytum vagans variegated Dyckia companion

..and Light was made.

Dyckia excelsa an exalted Dyckia species from Mato Grosso

Dyckia excelsa
Am example of a good and proper name! The botanist here exalted the plant itself and not anyone else.
One of the very rare cases of extreme prudence and wisdom.
I just love this name!
The plant is really to be exalted.

Dyckia companion.....Neophytum

This bigenerica hybrid is absolutey dazzling.
It brings color to any garden and brings it by the buckets....
Hybrid made intirely with Brazilian plants.
Neoregelia and Ortophytum

Dyckia gloriosa. Yes , species!!!!

Now that the days are shorter and the Sun is  poorer it gets darker.
In the extra long days of Summer it is bloody red.

Paraguayan rare Dyckia species....

Bloody! No skin is safe around here!
It would be called sanguinaria..Dyckia sanguinaria.
What a perfect name!
Not ever the Ferocacti are half as dangerous.
The plant is small and blooms beautifuly in oranges shades and perfums.

Juicy ...and Dyckia!

Unnamed Mato Grosso Dyckia species.
One of the most succulkent Dyckias of all.

Dyckai goehringii under the morning mist

Intensively silver  endumentes plants show their true color when wet.
Here the plant is drinking, in fact. All silver plants use these thricomas to allows them to capture the water from the air.
SDpecial care must be takem when foliar fertilizing them as they really absorb the water and the fertilizer and a bit mot may be too much.
this plant is just recently  travelled South to my garden and it is it very firt time blooming but 
its flowers will allow me to get true Dyckia goehringii seeds.

Dyckia goehringii and its bloom

One of the most spectacular  plants Dyckia goehringii is a 
 Dream plant to any collection.
It is a non self-fertile plant hence the hybrids we see being called dyckia goehringii.
As many Dyckias originated from Central Brazil Cerrado area the flowers do not open and just 
a tiny hole is found amid the petals enough to get in a one songle thread like structure of
 a very specialized insect or a very long one single thread paint brush.
Some Haworthia  keepers use a cat wisker.
Hope a jaguar one is not needed here. Fact is these flowers are very  difficult to be manipulated by the polinator mind.
This is one of the rare occasions where the clumped plant gets even prettier. The sprouts are produced with a very and extra long trunk jus to allow the  young plant to live away from the mother one a get enough Sun. All white or silver plant are extra Sun  addicted.

The three first flowers are fertilized. As the plant is not a self-fertile I used pollen from that 
beautiful big Dyckia marnier-lapostollei affinis to pollinate these three first flowers.
A second Dyckia goehring is about to open its own flowers ant this will allow the making of true seeds. A unique occasion indeed as we are dealing with rarities.