Feb 23, 2018

More than a new finding a bombshell .......


Dyckia delicata?

Hummm, maybe yes and maybe no.
It is a brand new finding some 300km southwest Dyckia delicata lives in nature.
Thank to a Internet video made by trillers some Botanists saw something special and  took the time to search for it. The land lord gave them permission to see the surroundings and several other species were there ans what a surprise a looking like delicata was there too and many many of them.

How this plant reached there?
Maybe delicata was never there ans chances are this plant is a natural hybrid. Flowers were never seen. This explains more than we see and know about Dyckias. How species differentiate themselves from each other? The southernmost Brazilian Dyckias are the most extensively studied ones.
Maybe long ago and far away in time we had just one single species and all we see today comes and derives from it. This primeval one Dyckia may be one Dyckia tuberosa. So all the modern species  come from tuberosa and the mixes occurred in nature.
Rio Grand do Sul has many many natural Dyckia hybrids, many taken as species for they eluded scientists. Things are getting cleared thank to this South botanists group in Santa Maria Federal University, Universidade Federal de Santa Maria.

Here I hold the new brand new found one close to a typical true Dyckia delicta

We are anxious for its flowers, will they be yellow?
Seeds will be  bigger? Racemous stalk or one unbranched one?


Dyckia neo-jonesiana

The super white form is a brand new finding

Feb 22, 2018

The small and cutie Dyckia neo-jonesiana

Dyckia neo-jonesiana was found in the center of the Southernmost Brazilian State, Rio Grande do Sul. It is quite similar to Dyckia jonesiana. Just recently a very white form was found also by Dr. Jones Caldas one of the most respected Brazilian Botanist, a fine physician and a super good fellow, a real trump guy. He uses to visit me and every time  he brings me very special gifts, king gifts!.

 Dr. Jones and Dona Sílvia his wife.

He with My beloved Raquel my wife.

We can talk for ages for he knows all it is possible to be know on Southern Brazilian Dyckias and more than this he irradiates joy for living and sharing. Silvia is  always smiling. She is is the loveliest prenda (southern women are known so, prendas) one can find. I love them both.
Here we have a saying for a fellow like Dr. Jone who knows lots about one issues: um livro aberto, an open book  and he his a living open book on Dyckias.

In March, 2016 he brought a Dyckia neo-jonesian to me:

This was found in the middle of Rio Grande  do Sul the southernmost Brazilian state.

In 2017 Dr. Jones revealed during a phone call he found a super white form of Dyckia jonesiana, a shinning one, a so white plant it looks to be frost covered when the sky is blue.
..and he added "I have one and it is splitting in two, you will have one.
Now Dr. Jones brought it to me:

A small and super white shining beauty.


Feb 12, 2018

Dyckia sp from Apiúna - Santa Catarina Brazil

a fantastic white new found Encholirium in Minas Gerais

At the very first sight we thought it was Dyckia goehringii but it is not...

Nibert Lucas a biologist  and a xeric enthusiast

A small plant under cultivation. 
Notice the huge spines. 
The plant is still suffering hence the rosed color and the funneled leaves.


Feb 11, 2018

The stunning beautiful small Dyckia fosteriana var. aracnoidea

Mimetic and cute it looks like a tarantula.
Seeds are included in February Dyckia seed list.

Feb 7, 2018


Feb 6, 2018

Dyckia gastaldiana is a proposal as name.

Gastaldiana is found on top of the Three Pics Mountain, Montanha dos Tres Picos, in Lontras-SC.
Dr. Vilson has found some bright yellow individuals.
It snows there and it is  quite impressive here in Brasil.

This is not a suffering plant. It is a true yellowish one.

Here one can see som Dyckias in there: