Jul 22, 2009

Dyckia sp Perau da Cabrita - Santa Catarina

The spines of the beast...ups! The beauty!

Assured skin insurance is most needed here.
Do you know what the spines in Dyckias are for?
To protect and mainly to dissipate heat.
They act as a radiator to the leave tissues.
Ok also for protection but the animals that fed on Dyckias are ages extint.

This nature wonder does not pups and does not sprouts as most of its colleagues.
In this respect it acts exactly as Dyckia fosteriana does.
We must rely on seeds to have more of these nature beauty luxury or we may wait ages to have a divided head with its own roots.
Of course we can also tissue culture and ... spend the week end on the Moon...
With our feet well set on Earth we may dream of seeds.
Seeds are the best way to wrap dreams, Dyckia.
Here as you can notice this beauty will have four heads. The division already has begun.
Maybe the flowers will be delayed. The plant understands the new
divisions as new young plant and my delay blooming.

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