Aug 31, 2012

Dyckia ibiramensis rubra

Dyckia ibiramensis rubra

... amazingly rare and beautiful.


Aug 30, 2012

Two promissing young seedlings....

Aug 29, 2012

Dyckia hb Toothy Wolfgang and Dyckia hb Raquel

Dyckia hb Raquel was myself made and the beautiful 
wine colored one is Dyckia hb Toothy Wolfgang.
I like the two of them together.

Dyckia grandidentata

Aug 28, 2012

Dyckia discoides...could it be better?

Dyckia discoides

New and extremely beautiful this plant is under description.
Native to Santa Catarina State in Brazil.


Dyckia beateae

Dyckia beatae


Dyckia sp delicata affinis from Tomba Bodes (Tip Goat Mountain)

...almost touching perfection.

Dyckia hb Vampirete and Dyckia goehringii

...or when beautiful is two steps behind.


The golden spines of Dyckia beateae.

Dreams are the steps of the ladder that guides us  to heaven.
We can not make it without dreaming ...

Aug 27, 2012

Dyckia goehringii ....

What about a cross using this beauty and the beateae below?
Well, it is already on its way to happen...

Dyckia beateae...for the show must go on...


Dyckia joanae-marcioi

Species, Brazilian, rare and beautiful...


Aug 26, 2012

Dyckia sp from Campo Alegre-SC. Dyckia gloriosa aff?

This is one of the most spectacular Dyckia species.
Notice the white underleaves.

Colorful, this is its meaning...

Dyckias...we´ve only just began....


Dycia hb Vampirete by night


Dychb Keswick X (Dyckia  hb Bill Paylen X Dyckia hb Arizona)



Dyckia hb Vampirete, made by myself ....

Isn´t it  fabulous, gorgeous and a bit more?

Dyckia hb Bill Paylen


Dyckia hb Toothy Wolfgang...pinkish


I made it! ..and I jusrt love it!
The tiny blood red spines and the thin bloody line...