Nov 28, 2015

Hybrid making is quite like finding new species in wilderness...dreams are the same.

Seeds are magical, no doubt.
Some dreams are wrapped in them.



Nov 27, 2015

Dyckia apiunensis, a new found species from Apiúna Santa Catarina, Brazil

Dyckia apiunensis

This plant here is weel too broken as it was recently collected and the place it lives is a steep rock face and extremely hard to be reached by normal mortal as me.

I am planing another visit as soon as the rains cease here.
Notice the spines....they are unique here.


Dyckia hb Alegria (lindelvaldeae X tuberosa)


Nov 26, 2015

Dyckia strhelloa is a natural hybrid: D. Strhreliana X Dyckia selloa

A colorful plant.


Dyckia Brittle Star, a Bill Baker prime work

Seeds are available  under request.



Nov 25, 2015


It is full Spring time in Brazil, time for harvesting


Dyckia pottiorum

Nov 24, 2015

Nov 18, 2015

Dyckia incana a cute rare nana species from close to Belo Horizonte in Minas Gerais

 Dyckia incana a most recent desciption named it incana  which means whitish.
I think this is not whitish but sheer white but... botanics has a mind of its own.

Dyckia hb Naked Lady, Dyckia encholirioides X Dyckia brevifolia


Nov 13, 2015

Dyckia delicata X Dyckia gloriosa, isn´t it beautiful?

Dyckia delicata rubra, a marvel from Brazilian Southern rock fields

Seeds are available under request.

New Dyckia hebdingii form

Dyckia hebdingi,
a new amazingly beautiful form.


Nov 11, 2015

Dyckia goehringii, an extremely beautifull and rare variation

a most beautiful Dyckia goehring variety 

Nov 8, 2015

Now it is oficial: Dyckia incana and not nana in spite of nana being

This magic beautiful dwarf species is now officially named Dyckia incana.
Incana is Latim for grizzled or grayish but the plant is deep pure white.
One more botanic jewel, we have plenty of those.

dyckia delicata rubra, the queen of all Dyckias

Seeds are available under request:

It stands cooler climates and bears soft spines.