Aug 31, 2013

Rio do Sul- SC Newfound Dyckia species


This plant is a show in all and every its terms and means....


Up there we find sandstone rocks and fine white quartz  sand.

New found Dyckia species in Santa Catarina - Brazil

New found, never seen before. Pictures taken today, 10 hours ago.
This is just an appetizer as I took more than 500 pictures.
A totally new to Science Dyckia species!
They were found high on a mountain  at 966 meters high above sea level in Rio do Sul, Santa Catarina.
I was born in Rio do Sul August 30th, 1954.
This plant has a special meaning to.

If I had to describe it I would say a mix of reitzii and fosteriana.

This was a special hot day there but less than a week ago it snowed  to
accumulate 30cm on the ground.

This is Djenes Dalfovo down there.

I must thank my friends,
Paulo Fernando Cé who first found the plant,
Djnes and Mileide Dalfovo who led me there.


Aug 30, 2013

Dyckia braunii setting two new blooms at once.


White Dyckia delicata in nature


Oddly enough this white cactus grows amid white delicatas in nature.
Isn´t it lovely?


Aug 29, 2013

Dyckia reitzii, young juvenile rubra type


Dyckia reitzii type form, young juvenile plant


Dyckia reitzii type form, adult plant.


Dyckia reitzii type form flowers


Dyckia reitzii rubra
Its blooming stalk is emerging....strong and healthy ..


Dyckia reitzi, a white one

Dyckia reitzii
A new found white one.


Dyckias, they do not cease to amaze me.
There are more, much more than the type form......

Aug 28, 2013

The newfound Dyckia reitzii rubra


New, new and amazingly beautiful Dyckia reitzii rubra.


The newfound Dyckia reitzii rubra.
Isn´t it gourgeous?


Aug 27, 2013

Today early morning close to delicatas habitat. (photo:LuisF. Assunção)

Foto: Não parece, mas é Gramado (RS), sul do Brasil. Linda imagem.
Today  during this morning in Gramado-RS, close to where delicatas live.
Brazil is not a tropical place all over and less yt all throught the year.
We do have cold weather.

Dyckia reitzii rubra

Just photographed, a minute from now.
the flower stalk benefits from the late rainy weather.
Reitzii loves to bloom during winter, why? the must be a reason as nothing is for free in nature.

We are going to have self pollinates seeds here as I am prepared to isolate this beauty.
 I am also  planning some  never imagined hybrids here.
My mind flies.
What about a delicata rubra one in here?
The first delicata rubra flowers will meet the last reitzii rubra ones.