Jul 17, 2009

Dyckia estevesii or...or Dyckia estevesii fan form?

Beautiful, indeed!
Rare. It uses to cross The Atlantic often.
Frequently is said to be not fertile and but as this can not be with species
people said this are not self compatible.
Fact is:
The fan form plant is not fertile in any way.
Rarely capsule seed if formed and never one fanned form appears.
This plant is well known ´cause it eagerly clones itself and by plenty.
So every fan Dyckias all over the world is equal. There is no genetic playing here
and people rely on sprouts to multiplicative their plants.
Dyckia fosteriana almost never sprouts so we have to have seeds to duplicate them hence the myriad of lookings of this fantastic Dyckia.
Fan Dyckias have all the very same looks.
People Dyckia lovers and people who hybridizes Dyckia all tried and dreamed to a red fan Dyckia a Silver Dyckia..but never succeeded.
They used the fan Dyckia plant in every possible way and nothing....
But things are about to change!
Soon we shall see a silver fan Dyckia or a red fan Dyckia and much more.
There always existed another plant growing together to these fan shaped plants.
Never mentioned, these plants never existed in our brains.
They live in an area absolutely remote some 30 years ago.
The only Brazilian civil War took place there at that time.
Some civil warriors against the Brazilian army.
We had a Dictatorship regimen that lasted 30 years. Implanted and supported by
our military forces and also stimulated by the USA.
America panicked about communism and we too.
...so we entered into a kind of medieval penumbra...
Well, but this is part of our sad recent History.
The area where this plant grows was a very remote and dangerous one.
No one wanted to go there let alone scientists.
Only the craziest would dare to go there.
Well, science described the fan form as species and
we all took it throat down as real true and an untouchable issue.
We were used (and most of us still is) is to accept, we were trained so for 30 years.
Accepting this was the most normal thing.
Brain is something to fill the skull that big space with just nothing
but the unknown emptiness useful to keep ears apart.

The fan shape Dyckias are all derived from the spiral normal plant ( unaned!!)
that lives together there. A high percentage of the seedlings from that plant is fan shaped and the fan shaped one are incapable of have their own fan shape seedlings.
Well, well, well. this deserves studying.
Our Universities are studying Dyckias ! Some very relevant studies as to answer such stikingly relevant quewtions as: Do Dyckias grow by night? Do Dyckias seeds germinate in darkness? Seriuos! I am not joking my dear. This were objetive to serious intented researches.
We find this material in the WWW.
We in Brzil have a joke daying for this: Try to determinate how the hen pee. Try to puncture the water with a stick to dig a hole in it.
Now a big chance to do something....
1-Is the fan shaped Dyckia ever sterile? When? Why?
2- Is its pollen useless?
3- Does it interbred with the normal spiral form?
4- Which percentage of the spiral form seedling is fan shaped?
5- Why the fanning happens? What determinates one seedling to be spiral and its brother to be fanned?
...and so on an on.....
Lets get to work! Justify the scholarship.
All this reveals our Human condition!

Dyckias are intriguing plants and they are capable of fooling
the botanists masters.

We are all human beings! We are not Gods, no one is...being human is the best experience of God
but this is too supiciuous for I am human too...

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