Mar 11, 2018

Another natural hybrid: Dyckia hebdingii X Dyckia remotiflora

Secundifolia is a plant behavior and also the name of a small Brazilian species

Above we see a green Dyckia hebdingii that presents a secundifolia behavior. A rarity! 

Bellow a Dyckia secundifolia, a species from Mato Grosso (a Brazilian State). 
It is a very small plant. These are adult ones.

Dyckia hebdingii to fulfills our eyes with beauty till it overflows

Mar 8, 2018


Italy and Australia in their own colors.
Hand made envelopes

Mar 2, 2018

Dyckia hb Picante, an old american Classic

Dyckia hb Picante is an old American classic and some of it is present in most of 
the modern hybrids we see today

This group of new sprouts is in fact a crestation  but the weirdness here
 is this is a flower stalk crestation.

These oddities are more prune to happen among hybrids

Certainly roots will come out here. I will keep the sprouts together 
hopping for lateral new blooms.