Jan 31, 2012

Dyckia goehringii

Dyckia lindelvaldeae X Dyckia marnier-lapostollei
This is a very young  hybrid plant.
Hybrids, when they show beautifulness in tender young age it does mean they will be gorgeous when adult. Accompanying this development is  always a pleasure and one of the main reason I dedicate my time to these wonderful plants.
I am into their beauty no matter a bit if species or hybrid they must be glorious dazzling beautiful plants.
Besides hybrids preserve the species where they live in nature and they can me made even more beautiful than their parents no matter pure strain or not.

Jan 30, 2012

Dyckia sp discoides
This is a most beautiful new finding in my State, Santa Catrina.
I still refer to it as SP as the plant is under description and will be for three more years to avoid the problems we find and found with hurried descriptions...
This plant is in the mood for blooming now...

Dyckia hb Tarzan by Bill Baker
It gets almost black and white under our Summer Sunshine.

Dyckia goehringii
Look true Dyckia goehringii never bend down its leaves in order to look like a Coco Chanel wig.
..But all its hybrids  have the ball like look or  that Coco Chanel wig looks.

White pure snow white looks.... 
Dare! Dare to compare
I just have seen fakes, willing to be and pretenders....I´ve seen no pure strain outside Brazil..

Take a good look here on these sprouts.....

Dyckia dawsonii var. Bill Baker

This is a young plant  but this cultivar is said to be Bill Baker´s and one of the prettiest. 
The leaves are very narrow and the spines  are huge.

Dyckia fosteriana var. nivosa

Small in size and a giant in beauty matters......

Flying high...all the way to The Sun Rising Land..

Inside we can see more than dreams.....surprises and gifts too and all my best wishes of good luck.

This is me and at my Post Office balcony ...
I proudly say:


Jan 29, 2012

Dyckia hb Dancing Dervishe

Dyckia hb Chris Rogers by Bill Baker

Dyckia hb Toothy Wolfgang

Dyckia dawsonii
This is an American cultivar.

Dyckia dawsonii is a very mysterious plant and it was never found in nature after its discovery....

One of the rarest plants under cultivation in Brazil as almost no one keeps it.

Dyckia hb Tarzan sprouts leading  life by their own.....

Dyckia delicata type rubra two years old seedling ..a very slow growing beauty....

 ...a young delicata type seedling.

Dyckia sp delicata aff. from Tomba Bodes X Dyckia sp from Lagoão-RS

Dyckia sp from Lagoão-RS

Dyckia sp from Lagoão

Have you ever dreamed of a plant like this?.
Time has come for you to have your own Lagoão...I have seeds.
Email me and this dream may be half the way to you....
...half the way to come true.

 Dyckia bloom can be magnificent......and scented!

Who said Dyckia blooms are meaningless?

Dyckia hb Liz Taylor
Dyckia magnifica X Dyckia delicata rubra

I do think these hybrids will be among the most spectacular Dyckia hybrids around the end of our Summer this year. Notice these seedlings are beginning to color up and show their huge teeth.
Seeds germinated in April, 2011.
I still have those very same seeds in the fridge, if you want them....

Dyckia sp from Lagoão

Lagoão is a new finding and a spectacular one! Next March we shall be able to show it in nature.

Red Dyckia sp delicata aff. from Tomba Bodes Slope

...early this Sunday morning and still wet by the night dew...