Jul 30, 2009

Dyckia monticola flower

Bees are one of the major pollinator agent to Dyckias.
Ants seems to be also a very important one.
A bee is capable of flying 5000 meters away from its hive when looking for flowers.
Dyckia pollen are not good enough to be spread by the wind.
Dyckias rely on living creatures to produce their seeds.

Note this quite impressing Dyckia flowers some are already fertilized.
Flores while not fertilised are turned downward.
This is to avoid water getting into the flowers and wetting the pollen turning it useless.
After being fertilised the flowers turn upwards and close its petals.
The petals do not get loose and accompany the formation of the fruits.
They just get dry. The old flower petals keep on protecting the ovary and the tender young unripe fruit.

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