Oct 31, 2014

Oct 30, 2014

Dyckia hebdingii, have u ever dreamed of this?

Are u bored by the very same old looks?
You can fix this yourselfm for I have seeds from this very same plant.
Color up your dreams!



Dyckia hebdingii arco-íris and Dyckia hebdingii, compare them.


Dyckia reitzii rubra fortaleza and Dyckia encholirioides xantochroma

Red or yellow
what a nice fellow!

Dyckia reitzii rubra fortaleza wet and dry

Here the plant is wet.
Notice most of the silver scales can´t be seen.

Here the very same plant before being watered.
The silver scales can be clearly seen.


Oct 29, 2014

Dyckia delicata Toba bodes form, a yellowish plant

Yes, species and wilderness collected...and yes dazzling beautiful.
A small compact form.


Dyckia excelsa, a big beast from Mato Grosso.

Dyckia hebdingii, both plants and both wild ones.


Dyckia goehringii !

Dyckia goehringii white form

Seeds are available under request.


Dytckia goehringii, these are the two best looking forms!

Dyckia goehringii

Yes, both plants are species and goehringii!
science has not the yes nor the hearts of a collector and hardly a scientist takes  himself from the wilderness. the descriptor hardly set a foot in the habitat so he  or she can not be picky.
We can!!
Look, above we see the extraordinary withe goehringii form and below the rarest one and in my opinion something just breathtaking beautiful.
Pictures taken by Dr Walter Miguel Kranz

Oct 28, 2014

If I had to choose one Dyckia only....
Hebdinguii would be my choice.

This beauty came from Lageado Roxo rocky field.


Oct 27, 2014

Dyckia hebdingii from Dona Nenê rock field

Spectacular to say the very least.
You can have a better idea of size noticing it is in my hand (glove size 37 1/2)


Dyckia hebdingii arco-íris (rainbow)

Yes, collected!
This marvel was found by Djenes Dalfovo and me in a hebdingii field.
It was just a tiny seedling spotted by Djenes who said: "look this is different!"

It presented just a mild and most fad  light yellow line in one of its leaves.
I payed not any extra attention and Djenes brought the plant to his garden.
People used to say it is temporary effect or so..look it gets prettier and nicer every month.
Now it is splitting heads and presenting two basal shots.
This is  something more than extraordinary, more than just beautiful it is virtually breathtaking beautiful.