Jan 31, 2011

Dyckia Big Brazil #2
From my Cajun friend in Houma-LA
One of the most endumented Dyckias of all.
...a delight to the eyes.....

All the charming and greens of a home made one hybrid Dyckia.
One can clearly notice the  kooks improvements as the plant gets older.

California dreaming....in such plain and faded world....

Dyckia Bill Paylen X  Dyckia Keswick
What a show!
This and the posts below are part of a just and deserved tribute to the bold,
fearless Californian dreamers.... 

Dyckia hb `Dieu Tran´
A California Dream that keeps me dreaming.....

Dyckia hb Erica Dill
..as Californian as the Yankee Clipper the Californian Sail Boat
that united São Francisco to NewYork sailing  as flying close to the coast 
all around Central and South America.
What a Journey!
What a Land!
What a people all mad about Freedom..and dreams!

Three new pearls from The Land of Milk, Honey, Dreams....and breathtaking Dyckia hybrids...

Californians are still surprising us and bathing our eyes with beauty.
I just got these pictures.
Three unnamed Dyckia hybrids.

...they all brings Mr. Baker´s signature and beauty seal.
Thanks Steve.

The above one is very similar to the stunning Bill Baker Dyckia Tarzan.
...a block buster beauty!

Dyckia sp burle-marxii aff X Dyckia sp Campo Alegre-SC
Some new hybrids, in spite of not ugly, they call for  bettering and improvements.
Dyckias are able to keep one´s dreams....

Small and superb new one Dyckia hb.

Those who appreciate the small ones would love this new  hybrid Dyckia.
Dyckia platyphylla, in  fact Dyckia marnier-lapostollei and Dyckia brevifolia cross,
is the father plant here.
 Dyckia platyphylla never existed for real as  a species and it just exist in  the papers.
What does  exist is a hybrid plant found in Rio Grande do Sul in a particular collection
and described as a true species. Once it was said to exist in wilderness in Bahia, then in Minas Gerais, then in Rio Grande do Sul than people gave up insisting on this.
Dyckia Patyphylla is a big and robust plant and this here is a very small one plant made with a Dyckia marnier-lapostollei (one of the many forms) as mother.
This by itself would do great married to a Dyckia fosteriana-fosteriana..the seed pods are all made yet.

Jan 30, 2011

Dyckia sp east in Paraná.
A red mountain dweller from East in Paraná.
Dyckia ferruginea
One of the prettiest species and also one of the hardiest to be kept here in South where the cold  and humid winter is present for six months a year. A perfect candidate to be crossed  with Dyckia delicata to gain resistance to cold and humidity.

Below. Dyckia delicata

Dyckia brevifolia cv Golden Glow Butter

Dyckia brevifolia cv. Gloden Glow Butter form.
Dyckia brevifolia in all its beautiful forms are  very meaningful to me as I was gown with them
myself. since  a child I heard my mother telling me stories of those plants growing by the creek side
were her oldest sister Maria washed their clothes. the water was so clean she could see the Ciclids and their alevins  on the stony bottom of that creek. In September those little rosettes tried to reach the skies with yellow blooms and many bees. My Mother was born in 1912 and my aunt Maria in  1892.
That was long ago! That creek is Ribeirão do Cocho and it makes part of the mighty Itajaí river drainage.
This Dyckia brevifolia cv Golden Glow came from Japan just as a gift.
Many miracles had to be fit like buds in a strand for this to have reached my hands...and it happened!
This was to be  a variation of  The beautiful golden Glow as it is smaller and paler.

 Below a large pot with Dyckia brevifolia cv Golden Glow
See the normal one with them.

Jan 29, 2011

What a heritage!

Besides the Pilea weeds this prince brings a royal heritage:
Dyckia marnier-lapostollei,
Dyckia dawsonii,
Dyckia chorestaminea,
Dyckia brevifolia,
Dyckia sp burle-marxii.
It is too soon to guarantee but this will be ....great.

Variegated Dyckia velascana

Dyckia magnifica by the rising Sun

The flowers are just at the axis and the branches are still getting longer.
Day breaks at 6:00PM and promises to make us boil at 42 degrees Centigrades.
It is  mid Summertime and we are longing for the mild balmy days of May.

Dyckia burle-marxii affinis hybrids

These plants can get strikingly red.

Another striking form of Dyckia sp- Lagoão-RS
Color is the name of the game here.

Jan 28, 2011

Dyckia sp From Chapada Diamantina -BA
Extremely similar to one of the many members of Dyckia hebdingii Complex

Dyckia companion

This small variagated Agave feels safe and at home among my preferred Dyckias.
I just luv it.
A gift and a most daring one, a miracle.
It seems to enjoy everything here, treatment and climate as already emits four new ones at the base of the plant.
I like its contrasting colors and size.

This beautiful young  hybryd  has many species blood in its veins.
Dyckia goehringii, fosteriana and pectinata...that a lot, lot of beauty.
Dyckia fosteriana-fosteriana rubra
..a breathtaking baby....

Dyckia Brittle Star
My heart melts every time I see it in my garden and not just ´cause this is a beauty
and one of the most desired Dyckia plants all over the world.
My hearts melts every time I see it ´cause it was a gift from up North ...
from the land of milk, honey, dreams and miracles..
I got this  for the sheer pleasure of a friend my eyes will never see, my hands will never shake his,
my arms will never hug him.
This multiplies by many billions the value of this rarity.
I wish you my dear friend Steve feel a most effusive Brazilian hug, one of those we say here rib breaker every time you see your gift.
I shall live a thousand years and I shall never forget...
See it , see it...it is duplicating itself!

Dyckia sp from Lagoão-RS

This is what can me called the kaleidoscopic Dyckia.
It also shows a clear affinity to Dyckia delicata.