Jul 29, 2009

Dyckia argentea another taxonomic jewel

Dyckia argentea
The plant above is a collect one!
This here is two years after collecting. Imagine the ragged one plant that came to me....
Nevertheless this is one Dyckia explendour!
Nothing is as silver as this plant even those species with a dense coat of silver scales.
This species have very small scales and is densely covered all over.
This baby here is resurrecting and promises to be fantastic.
Sometimes a single seed gets us a better and fast result than a dyeing raged collected plant.
This is the case.
Below seedling got from seeds collected in nature one year after the plant above to be in my garden.

Science is lately a bit more confused than usual. No one seem to achieve to get back to the place from where the type plant came. Descriptions is so illusory even the scientists cant find the plant habitat and the plant itself.
This is great! In an attempt to hide the finding science suceed so well nobody can find the place even the bushmen and the scientist. So they come up with another taxonomic pearl: the plant may never have existed at all.
Oh, my! Child´s play.

This is all funny...
..all fair...all play... all too human.
there is one American tune that says: All in love is fair.. I would add... in taxonomy too.
We are all kids at least while learning and learning is the best
of the Human play... and playing this we also learn about forgiveness and
Let us live enjoying our beauties
Learning with our mistakes

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