Jul 28, 2016

Dyckia hb Branca de Neve (Snow White)

One of the whitest and most beautiful hybrids.


Jul 27, 2016

Dyckia mezii once it was Dyckia argentea

seeds are available under request

Dyckia pottiorum


The Variegated Dyckia monticola slowly get used to its new surroundings


Dyckia sp subidensis blooms again

Seeds are available under special request

Dyckia sp apiunensis, one of the best looking new found species

Dyckiahb Icicle

Dyckia disstiflora = Dyckia nervata = Dyckia unguiformis

Bahia in Brazil in spite its large territory it is a Dyckia poor place.
Just a very few Dyckia species are native  to Bahia and some are synonymous.
this plant her acquires a unguiformis (claw like) shape when terribly dried and stressed.
This is a very interesting behavior ina Dyckia that lives in a very inhospitable area. 
The plant uses its foliage to protect its growing area flapping over to one side.

The name nervata referes to the visible lines and unguiformis to the shape of a suffering plant.


Jul 25, 2016

Brothers! Brothers´ first bloom

The super red
Mary them would give rise to some fascinating gems.
The super white

Jul 23, 2016

I do love this small crowns...

Dyckia brevifolia var. subidensis.
It presents small pale green yellowish crowns, 
perfect ones and the plant grows exactly as a Deuterocohnia.


Dyckia monticola is a rare souther mountain dweller


Jul 22, 2016

Dyckia encholirioides is a sea coast dweller and it can not be found away from the sea. If it does not hear the southern Atlantic Ocean waves it won´t be happy..

No matter how many habitats we´se seen and visited it is always  thrilling.
It is always a first time ever....and we do not cease learning...

Dr. Jones (Dyckia jonesiana), Dr. Vilson, Dr. Henrique, Dr. Rodrigo Pontes (Dyckia pontesii).
Southern Dyckia lovers and friends of mine. they together know more about Dyckia than an ecyclopedia. A book must rise from those brains.

 Dr. Vilson, me, Dr. Henrique and Dr. Jones.

What a vision!

This is the Restinga vegetation and Dyckia encholiriopides habitat in Northeast Santa Catarina.
A cold and windy place during winter.

Restinga is a most important habitat close to the sea and on the sand dunes. 
Without it this place would be a desert. 

This stays  a kilometer from Vilson´s house in Barra do Sul-SC

Dyckia encholirioides and Dr. Henrique...imagine this place when these plants are in full bloom.

Drs. Henrique and Vilson, young prestigious Brazilian botanists.
The future belongs to them....