Jul 19, 2009

Dyckia maritima in its habitat - Torres Rio Grande do Sul

Dyckia maritima is an all green species from Northeast
Rio Grande do Sul and Southeast Santa Catarina.
It loves the cold, salty sea wind.
This is a rock dweller.

Lots of them attached to the rocks.
Don´t get fooled, here they drink and feed like a priest.
Even when does not rain they drink. All the rocks are heated by the sun and
during the night the fresh sea air makes the rock to be all drenched in dew.

They are always listening to the come and going of the Atlantic waves.
This is always a windy place.
Wind brings food to the plants.
Dyckias eat thought their under leaves stomata.
During the night the humidity propitiates this banquet.

That rocky tower is full of Dyckias..and surrounded by them
as you may notice.

This is a National Park.
All these plants are well preserved.
The Joshua Tree is an invader from North America.

Dyckias are always in a sunny spot.
They never face South.
In Southern hemisphere South is cold and dark,
decidedly not a place for Dyckias. They love North faced Rocks.

All these shots were taken by Orchidophylist friend
Mr. Ingo Bauer in his way to Uruguay just some days ago.
Ingo is fond of plants and a very pleasant company.
I am always learning while listening to him.
We both hope you have enjoyed this....
It is a great chance to learn to see habitat shots.
Ingo says that no matter how much one knows on some determined plant this
will be enlarged two times when this one gets to know the habitat of such a plant.
I can not bring you here but I am glad to have brought your eyes.

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